Salary limits

I often say that I don’t understand how the fair play financial in football, how League salary limits are calculated and how referees decide whether a hand is a penalty or not a penalty. I say it so much that the other day a friend began to explain it to me with examples, drawings and data, but I noticed almost immediately how my brain was disconnecting, so I interrupted him confessing that it did not matter, that he did not make an effort, that actually the next day I would no longer remember anything.

That I neither understand nor pretend to understand.

It seems to me that it is advisable to assume that there are things that we prefer not to know, even if we complain about it from time to time. There are battles to which we surrender in advance, even knowing that this attitude takes us away from exemplary, but what are we going to do, we are imperfect and therefore human. Some just catch us at the wrong time. They are like a summer on interrail, like freaking out with Fight Club, like studying Italian. If you don’t do it by a certain age, the opportunity passes you by. Life is too short to learn about the salary cap or read the terms and conditions of a contract – unless you get paid for it, that is clear. At some point my brain decided that I am useless to spend time on these kinds of things, and prefers to take advantage of it by retweeting the best of the year, trying strange-flavored nougats or recovering the old Championship Manager 93-94 to play for a while.

With my computer, my brain used to want it all until it stopped. Maybe he couldn’t bear it, maybe he was no longer healthy. Without realizing it, I changed my habits. I stopped going to training. I stopped going to youth and subsidiary games. I stopped accumulating kilometers on the move. I stopped being aware of everything at all times and to my surprise I did not miss it, after a while, but on the contrary. To tell the truth, I even think that I kept the good and came out winning. I stopped knowing too much to know what a child knows in the yard.

Less emotional tolls

And now, without so many emotional tolls, soccer is less toxic for me, with less intense joys, sometimes, but with less suffering. Now I feel like he is giving me back double what I give him, which is just the deal. Maybe that’s why my brain no longer wants to know about the salary limit and all that, in case I stop seeing it as a game, something complementary. What is worth now, superficial and without regrets, conveniently simplified. Now I enjoy twice as much when I return to the stadium.

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I sense that it is a matter of priorities and efforts, of vital moments. Just as you did, you stop doing it. Just as I stopped doing it, I don’t rule out that one day I need to try again.

But not now. In some food it has occurred to me to say that the effort that seafood demands of us, in general, does not compensate. What if peeling it, what if the tweezers, what if the hand towel … That then it is not so bad, that there are other foods more grateful to us lazy people. I say this and there is always someone who insults me, and I accept it, but someone also agrees with me. Too many seafood moves, what a mess, we don’t need it. I like that someone better than if they were from my team, than if they were my brother. Surely he neither understands nor pretends to understand the salary limit or the penalty per hand. You must think that life is too short to complicate us.

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