Sainz makes Verstappen suffer to impose his law in Canada

  • In a race marked by tire management, Verstappen ended up winning the game over a superb Carlos Sainz, who was closer than ever to victory.

  • Fernando Alonso, who started on the front row for the first time in ten years, was unable to complete the feat and finished seventh (ninth after a penalty).

The water allows the hands of a pilot to work ‘miracles’ and in those conditions Fernando Alonso showed on Saturday that at 40 years old he can still make a difference. But on Sunday the sun came out on Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and the magic remained a mirage. The Spanish fans had to rub their eyes seeing two Spaniards, Alonso and Carlos Sainz at the head of a starting grid led, of course, by Max Verstappen. The Dutchman, practically impregnable in the last five grands prix (he only gave in in Monaco to be third), gave another masterclass in tire management and strategy and took his sixth victory of the season, leaving with ‘honey on his lips’ to a great Sainz, while Fernando finished seventh, although he was sanctioned with five seconds and went down to the ninth place.

more leader

Maxwhich is leaving Canada more leader (now takes 46 points to Checo Pérez), he did not flinch when after the ‘chrono’ Ferdinand, half jokingly half seriously, promised to pass him at the start. Realistic, aware that Red Bull’s pace is much higher, the Spaniard lowered his euphoria: “Even if I succeeded, Max would return it to me later, our real position is from 5th to 7th & rdquor ;, he said. He nailed it.

At the moment of truth, the champion starred in another brilliant start while the two Spaniards paired up and hamilton Y Magnussen they came to touch.

Red Bull alarm

Sergio Perez Y charles leclerc They began their particular ride to try to come back from the bottom of the grid, but in just eight laps the Mexican set off the alarms at Red Bull when he reported engine problems. The ‘ghosts’ of reliability thus returned to the energy drink team, which began the World Cup with a painful double retirement in Bahrain.

The virtual ‘safety car’ for the KO of Pérez with 60 laps to go led to the first stop for Verstappen and Hamilton, while Sainz and Alonso were still on the track and provisionally in front. Max overtook Ferdinand as an ‘airplane’, but the picture changed again with the abandonment of Mike Schumacher.

wrong strategy

The appearance of the second safety car, with 50 laps to go, presented itself as an excellent opportunity for the two Spaniards. Sainz did not hesitate, but Alonso ran out of time to make his stop and remained on track as the only driver on a medium tyre, when everyone else was riding hard and faster.

Verstappen He was leading ahead of Sainz, 9 seconds behind, but with newer tires than the Dutchman, which predicted an exciting finish between the two. Hamilton, Alonso and Russell completed the top five, while Leclerc, who had been recovering 12 positions (7th) saved ‘in extremis’ an accident on the wall of the champions. Alonso had to rectify and stopped on lap 29, losing 17 seconds and returning to the track in seventh position.

Long-distance race

With half a race to go, sainz, very solid and in ‘hammer mode’, he gradually approached Verstappen, trusting that the greater degradation of the current leader of the World Cup would allow him to ‘hunt’ him. “Box, box & rdquor ;. Verstappen stopped with 26 laps to go and Carlos ‘inherited’ the first position. But the bad news for Sainz came in the form of widespread ‘graining’.

The Ferrari had a ‘free’ stop with the third safety car, due to an accident Tsunoda, although he lost the position again with Max, who without further setbacks headed for his sixth victory of the season. The intense pressure of sainz in the last laps he had no reward and the man from Madrid finished in second place, which is also his fifth podium of the season.

Mercedes confirmed that it has taken a step forward, still insufficient to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari. With everything, hamilton celebrated his second podium finish in 2022 and left behind his uncomfortable traveling companion, George Russell, who finished fourth. Leclerc minimized ‘damage’ in fifth position and Alonso had to settle for the seventh, surpassed by his teammate Esteban Ocon, whom Alpine asked not to attack. The Asturian also ended up in commissioners, investigated for his final zig zag with Bottas, which penalized with five seconds and dropped to ninth place.


Canadian GP (Race)

1st Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 1:36’21″757

2nd Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) at 0″993

3rd Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) at 7″006

4th George Russell (Mercedes) at 12″213

5th Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) at 15″166

6th Esteban Ocon (Alpine) at 23″890

7th Fernando Alonso (Alpine) at 24″945 (ninth after penalty)

This is how the World Cup goes (9/22)

1st Max Verstappen (PB) 175 points

2nd Sergio Perez (MEX) 129

3rd Charles Leclerc (MON) 126

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4th George Russell (GBR) 111

5th Carlos Sainz (ESP) 102

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