Safety is our responsibility!

There are a lot of things that are out of our control.

Lots of tiles that can fall on us without us being able to do anything.

But there are tragedies that can be avoided.



Just by using his head.

Why do so many people refuse to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and that of their loved ones?


Take the wearing of life jackets.

It’s simple: are you going to a body of water? Do you ride in a rowboat, a canoe, on a pontoon, a boat, a pedal boat, a windsurfing board or a personal watercraft?

Wear a life jacket. Whether the lake is calm or not. It takes 10 seconds.

You don’t even need help from the government, queuing at a counter or hanging around on the phone for three hours.

You take your jacket, slip it over your clothes, and that’s it.

You are safe.

It’s stupid too.

Within reach of the first comer. You tuck in one arm, you tuck in the other arm, you fasten the straps and bingo, you just averted a tragedy.

Every year, year after year, dozens of people drown because they didn’t wear their life jackets.

They left it in the bottom of their boat.

According to the Quebec Lifesaving Society, when there are drownings, nine times out of ten, the victim was not wearing their life jacket at all – or not correctly. Why, good God?

There are already enough things out of our control, why not control what we can control?


Every year, children drown because their parents did not secure their swimming pool. Again, we keep repeating it.

Do you have a swimming pool? Secure her.

Build a fence around it.

Do you snowmobile? In the spring, avoid crossing lakes.

The ice can break and you can sink to the bottom.

That too, we keep repeating. Year after year.

And year after year, people pass on lakes with their snowmobile and guess what?

They gather at the bottom.

Eh yes.

You ride a bike ?

Wear a helmet. And a light so we can see you at night. Change the batteries in your fire alarms regularly to make sure they’ll work when you need them.

Wear your seat belt. Do not drive while impaired.

Félix Séguin told me on QUB radio that a few weeks ago, at an airport, a girl asked him to take his suitcase from the carousel because she couldn’t.

She was too weak.

She had just had cosmetic surgery in Colombia, and it had gone badly.

“Precisely, I did a report on it at IFelix told him.

“Yes, I know, I had seen it,” replied the girl.

The girl had seen his report. She knew it was dangerous to go to Colombia for surgery.

She went the same way.

It’s discouraging.

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