Sad and dark, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

Are we aware of the importance of barbarities what have been said these days? Do you really believe that this is how you collaborate in a more just society, a democracy with more roots, and a more robust freedom? Leaders of the Spanish right have played a perfidious and malevolent game. They have dared to speak of “linguistic apartheid & rdquor; and the Nazis and the bracelets (such as Jewish children) that the children of families that have claimed a percentage of the teaching in Spanish will have to wear. They have said “totalitarian regime” and they have demanded a 155 a la carte that would set the country on fire. “We must face fascism,” they have said, and they have mentioned the tragedy of Ermua as if nothing, yes, “bridging the distances”, distances that are stark. And as a final fireworks, Casado demands that Sánchez be Kennedy and that Canet be Mississippi and that the army, well, protect “the homeless family.” It is a Spain – the one represented by these political forces – that disfigures language and reality, who dares with everything and despises everything. It is very sad and very scary. To avoid a setback, I hope there is someone with two fingers of a forehead who has more lucid, more civilized arguments.

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