SAAQ system crash sees clients urged to detour to online services

Quebec’s automobile insurance board says the disruption caused by its in-house computer network is expected to last till the weekend.

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Quebec’s automobile insurance board on Wednesday announced that its in-house computer services had experienced a crash on Tuesday that could affect its services up until the weekend. It is urging clients to use its online services or automated telephone systems to conduct transactions.

In a notice on its website and on social media, the Quebec Automobile Assurance Society announced that its “systems have been affected by a failure of our general computer system, which could have an affect on our services. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause.

“Please use our online services or our automated telephone systems to conduct your transactions. If you must go to use a service outlet, please make an appointment.”

The provincial agency said the systems failure is expected to last until the weekend.

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An SAAQ spokesperson said the crash, while solved, could still exercise an affect on services.

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