Russians and Americans keep the forms on the International Space Station

  • NASA and Roscosmos assert that the invasion of Ukraine does not affect, for the moment, the ISS mission

international tension over the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the economic punishment measures decided by the West in response do not affect collaboration in space at the moment. United States space agenciesPOT) and Russia (Roscosmos) released two statements in which they separated the political conflict from the space cooperation.

Thus, the NASA spokesman, Dan Huot, told that his agency “continues to work with the Roscosmos State Space Corporation and our other international partners on Canada, Europe and Japan to maintain safe and continuous operations of the International Space Station (ISS, in its acronym in English).” No less aseptic was the general director of the Russian agency, Dmitry Rogozinwho stated that he “values ​​the professional relationships with NASA”.

Roscosmos is a main partner of the International Space Station, where its cosmonauts have own segment. ships Soyuz and freighters Progress they regularly travel to the orbital complex.

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Currently, the commander of Expedition 66 on the Space Station is precisely the Russian Anton Shkaplerov, until next March 30, when it will return to Earth after almost a year in orbit. The other Russian in Expedition 66, made up of seven crew members, is Pyotr Dubrov.

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