Russia-Ukraine War Today: Live Breaking Negotiations and Sanctions

France blocks two new yachts of a Russian oligarch

France blocked two new yachts belonging to the Russian oligarch Alexei Kuzmichev, one of the most influential in Russia, within the framework of the sanctions adopted by the European Union (EU). France has already immobilized another yacht, the ‘Amore Vero’, owned by a company linked to the head of Russian oil giant Rosneft, Igor Sechin, on March 3. The new immobilizations occurred on March 16 and 21 in Cannes and Antibes, on the French Riviera (southeast), this source told AFP, which confirmed information from the newspaper ‘Libération’. Baptized ‘La Petite Ourse’ (Ursa Minor, in French), the Cannes ship is 17 meters long and its value is about 20 million euros (about 22 million dollars). With its 26 meters in length, the other ship called ‘La Grande Ourse’ (Ursa Major), which is undergoing maintenance in Antibes, has a value of about 70 million euros (about 77 million dollars), according to the source.

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