Russia: the Kremlin party leads the legislative elections with 38.7% of the vote (first results)

The ruling party, United Russia, arrived at the head of the legislative elections organized from Friday to Sunday, according to the first results announced a few minutes after the closing of the last polling stations.

The Election Commission announces that the formation of President Vladimir Putin won 38.75% of the vote, according to results from 9% of polling stations.

United Russia is ahead of the communists of the KPRF (25.06%), the nationalists of the LDPR (9.6%) and then the centrists of Just Russia (6.67%).

A poll carried out at the exit of the polling stations places United Russia at 45.2% ahead of the Communists at 21%.

In previous legislative elections in 2016, the ruling party obtained 54.2% of the vote and the Communists 13.3%, the latter therefore appearing to be on the way to improving their score.

The anti-Putin opposition had been essentially excluded from the ballot. Supporters of the jailed opponent Alexei Navalny in response called for votes for the candidates best placed to beat those from United Russia, often Communists.

Irregularities, according to Golos

Election operations start on Friday. The three days of voting were marred by irregularities, according to the NGO “Golos”, which monitors the conduct of the elections.

Stanislav Andreychuk is one of the people in charge of “Golos”.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “we have received numerous reports which show violations of the rights of observers, members of committees, and candidates. It went as far as criminal incidents, with attempted assault, threats, cars ending up with flat tires, road accidents on the way to the polling stations … “

More than 100 million Russians were called to the polls to renew the mandate of the 450 deputies who sit in the Duma, the lower house of parliament.

President Vladimir Putin voted electronically. The head of the Kremlin is in fact currently in isolation due to an outbreak of Covid-19 in his entourage.

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