• The Polish energy company PGNiG SA announced it at a press conference this Tuesday afternoon

  • Poland is prepared for possible gas supply cuts and consumers will not suffer shortages on Tuesday

Russia will interrupt the flow of gas a Poland since this Wednesday, after the Polish refusal to make import payments in rubles, the Polish state gas company PGNiG reported on Tuesday. The company announced that the cut in the service will take place after the deadline last Friday imposed by Moscow to pay for energy imports in rubles, which Warsaw refused.

PGNiG alleges that “the suspension of the gas supply is a breach of contract. Therefore, the company will take the appropriate measures to restore the delivery of natural gas under the agreed conditions and reserves the right to claim its contractual rights.” According to the Polish news portal Onet, there has been a “significant reduction in gas supply” already in the last days on the Russian side.

At the end of March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that foreign contractors of the Russian state energy company Gazprom “hostile to the Russian Federation” should pay for imported gas in rubles, but most European Union countries ( EU), including Poland and Germany, They did not agree to those terms.

Polish reserves

For her part, the Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moscow, He assured this Tuesday before the news was known that “Poland has the necessary gas reserves” to “protect the security” of the country.

Moskwa stressed in a message posted on his social networks that Polish gas storage units are at 76% of their capacity and that Poland “has been independent (energy) from Russia for years.” “There will be gas in Polish homes“He concluded in his message.

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The Polish government published on Tuesday a list with the names of 50 Russian companies and individuals with commercial interests in Poland that will be subject to sanctions.

The affected companies, among which is the Polish subsidiary of Gazprom, will have their funds and economic resources frozen and their rights to shares and dividends will be cancelled.

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