Russia registers new record of infections by Covid-19 despite non-working week

Russia recorded this Saturday a record of infections by Covid-19 in 24 hours, a sign that the epidemic is not giving up and despite the non-working week decreed by President Vladimir Putin.

According to official figures, 41,335 new Covid-19 infections were registered in the last 24 hours, a record since the start of the pandemic.

The country also recorded 1,888 deaths during the same period, a slightly lower figure compared to Friday.

Russia, the country most mourned by the coronavirus in Europe, registered more than 8.7 million cases since the start of the pandemic and 245,635 deaths, according to official figures.

But the statistical agency Rosstat, which expands its definition of deaths from Covid-19, puts the deaths at 450,000 at the end of September.

The record of infections this Saturday occurs in the middle of a non-working week in the country. Vladimir Putin He decreed it from October 30 to November 7 to try to lower the infections.

In Moscow, where the greatest infections are registered, schools, beauty salons, shops, gyms and other “non-essential” services are closed.

The rapid spread of Covid-19 in Russia It can be explained by the low vaccination rate of the population in a context of general mistrust. To date only 33.8% of Russians are fully immunized.

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