Russia registers 100,000 more cases of Covid-19 cases

Russia super is this Saturday by first time the symbolic umbrella of the 100,000 diary cases of Covid-19, a record that illustrates the azote of the new oil, caused by the variant Ómicron.

According to the figures of the governor, in the last 24 hours 113,122 new cases and 668 deces have been registered. The capital, Moscow, continues to be the main focus of the epidemic in Russia, with 26,488 new infections and 76 deaths.

If there is a record of cases being executed on this day in this country, the most punished of Europe for the coronavirus.

Although the authorities reported 330,111 deaths per Covid-19 Since the pandemic, the Rosstat Statistics Agency, which has a higher definition of decimation, considers that more than 660,000 people die from it. coronavirus.

A balance that is explained by the slow evacuation campaign, the hecho of which practically no decree mediation has been decreed since the 2020 premiere and on the case that it has a large part of the sanitary population like the use of mascara in the public transport.


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