Russia is among the four candidates to organize the 2028 and 2032 European Championships

Russia, despite being excluded from world sport due to the invasion of Ukraineis one of the four candidates to organize the European Championship of 2028 and 2032, together with Turkey, Italy and the United Kingdom/Ireland alliance, reported this Wednesday the UEFA.

“The designation of the organizing countries” of the two competitions “will take place in September 2023”, specified the European instance, specifying that the candidacies of Russia and Turkey are for either of the two editions of the continental tournament, while the United Kingdom / Ireland is interested in Euro-2028 and Italy in the 2032 edition.

The 2018 World Cup host country had long shown interest in hosting the European national team tournament for the first time, but its bid seemed hypothetical after its exclusion from most international competitions in reaction to its invasion of Ukraine. .

Although the UEFA and the FIFA They decided on February 28 to exclude all Russian clubs and teams from their tournaments “until further notice”, the federation of this country (FUR) has not been directly excluded, a spokesman for the European confederation told AFP.

The UEFA executive “will reassess the legal situation” in future meetings, especially on April 7 and May 10, “including the declaration of interest expressed by the FUR,” said this source.

The candidacies of Turkey and Russia alter the plans of the British-Irish candidacy, which the press of these countries already gave as the only candidate last Monday, after they recently abandoned the race to host the 2030 World Cup to focus on that of the European Championship-2028.

Italy, which won the last edition of a tournament that it has already organized twice (1968 and 1980), is the favorite to host the Eurocopa-2032, compared to Turkey, which in 2018 already lost the organization of the Eurocopa- 2024 against Germany.

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