Russia enters Kherson and continues to bombard Kiev

  • The attacks have affected several areas around the capital, in addition to cities such as Bila Tserkva or Yitomir

Russian troops have seized the river port and the railway station of the Ukrainian city of Kherson, in which about 280,000 people live, according to the city’s mayor, Igor Kolyhav. This information, published by the newspaper ‘The Kiev Independent’, has not been officially confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities, and has been advanced by the American chain CNN, which has indicated that the Russian military vehicles entered Kherson after an intense bombardment .

In parallel, in another part of the country, three columns of Russian forces would have occupied the city of Trostianets, in the province of Sumy, and would have demolished the door of the historic building Patio Redondo (Round Yard, in English), as reported by ‘The Kiev Independent’. A report by the head of the military administration of the Sumy region, Dimitro Zhivitski, has confirmed that, during the siege, Russian forces have destroyed an art gallery and all lines have been cut, leaving the city without internet, nor television or radio, according to the Ukrainian chain Suspilne.

More than a hundred people have been injured during Russian airstrikes in the city of Mariupol, located in the southeastern part of Ukraine, one of the focus of fighting in recent days in the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Unfortunately, we get bad news. The number of injured civilians is growing every day. Today, there are 128 people in our hospitals. Our doctors don’t even go home anymore. They are fighting for the lives of Mariupol residents. The doctors are ours, too.” heroes,” declared the mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko, during a video message addressed to the population on Wednesday. “This afternoon we received another blow. An attack with military weapons, and an attack with rockets that flew into our residential areas. And unfortunately, there was a heavy shelling in the Kirov residential area,” Boychenko emphasized, as reported by the agency. Union news. “There was light in the city, mobile communications were restored as much as possible. At night we baked bread. 26 tons of bread appeared in our stores,” the mayor stressed after offering the balance of the dead.

The Ukrainian authorities have reported that on Tuesday night several neighborhoods around Kiev have been bombed in which it is the seventh day since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Specifically, the affected areas have been Rusanivka, a few kilometers from the central Maidán square; in the historic district of Kurenivka; on the outskirts, in Boiarka, and also in Zhuliany, near the city’s airport.

The bombings would have also been noticed in the Ukrainian city of Borodjanka in two residential buildings that have been reduced to ashes, as reported by the American chain CNN, who has verified the videos. Also, you would have heard an explosion in Bila Tserkva, in the Kiev province. Another attack has been registered in Yitomir, where the president of the regional council, Vladimir Fedorenko, has reported a bombing of a hospital, which has left no injuries, although local authorities have assured that there are four dead in different air attacks on the city. “Timely notification of the airborne alarm helped save people’s lives. Fortunately, all children, mothers, pregnant women are alive and unharmed,” he said, according to the Ukrainian news agency Unian.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health of Ukraine, Viktor Lyashko, has also reported the death of a doctor after his car was shot at when he was taking his wounded nephew to the hospital from the village of Kujari, as published on his official Facebook profile.

Given the frequency of bombings around Kiev, the city police will extend the curfew from eight in the afternoon (local time) until seven in the morning, so that no citizen will be able to be on the street or others places unless you have the necessary permits, as reported by the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valerii Zaluzhny, has stated, however, that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has slowed down because the Russian forces “have lost the tactical initiative and have been forced to mobilize reserves to continue their offensive”, as reported by the newspaper ‘The Kiev Independent’.

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The Ukrainian authorities have accused the Russian Army on Tuesday of having attacked the Kiev telecommunications tower with a projectile, according to the adviser to the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko. For his part, the mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Kitschko, has detailed that the infrastructure has received the impact of two missiles. One of them has hit the substation that supplies electricity to the tower, while the second has collided with the hardware itself.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has warned this Tuesday of possible “high precision” attacks against Ukrainian Intelligence facilities in the Ukrainian capital, for which Klitschko has urged the citizens of the capital not to walk through the streets of Kiev don’t even ride a bike.

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