Russia closes its airspace to aircraft linked to Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic

Russia announced this Saturday the closure of its airspace to planes linked to Bulgaria, Poland and Czech Republicfollowing a similar decision taken by those Central and Eastern European countries against Russian airlines.

“Following the unfriendly decisions of the air authorities of Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic, as of 15:00 Moscow time on February 26, 2022” Russia closes its airspace to “air carriers of those countries and/or those that are registered in them,” stated the Russian air regulator Rosaviatsia.

This closure also affects transit flights. However, exceptions are possible in case Rosaviatsia or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs grant a special authorization, said the Russian agency.

Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria announced on Friday the closure of their airspace at Russian airlines after Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Polish national company LOT announced the suspension as of Friday afternoon of its flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

These announcements follow a similar decision, affecting the Russian national carrier Aeroflot, made by Britain on Thursday.

Russiafor its part, reacted by prohibiting the overflight of its territory to all planes linked to the United Kingdomincluding transit flights.

Moldova closed its airspace on Thursday.


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