Russia bombs kyiv while negotiating with Ukraine

Kyivthe capital of Ukrainehas continued this Monday to be the target of attacks by the Russian Army while the Ukrainian and Moscow governments carried out a new round of talks to find an agreement to end the bloody war started by the president Vladimir Putin. Finally, after hours of negotiations, held on this occasion by video call, the Ukrainian side has reported the decision to hold a “technical break” until this Tuesday, when the discussion will resume. The details of the talks are not known, but the fact that a dialogue path remains open is considered something positive by kyiv, the West and the analysts of the conflict.

“A technical pause has been made in the negotiations until tomorrow (for this Tuesday),” the Ukrainian negotiator Mijailo Podoliak, adviser to the president, reported in a tweet. Volodymyr Zelensky. The reason is that “additional work is required in the sub-working groups to clarify definitions”, Podoliak continued, before adding that the negotiations will continue. “Communication is difficult, but it continues“, Podoliak had reported, hours before.

On the nineteenth day of the war, the evolution of the dialogue between the two countries has coincided with a new attack in the residential neighborhood of Obolon, in kyiv. There, as reported by the Ukrainian forces, at least one person has lost his life – other sources raised the death toll -, and a hundred people had to leave the buildings they inhabited, some of which suffered fires of great magnitude, which required the intervention of the kyiv fire brigade. Only in this way were some elderly people and a family able to escape the flames, since they had been trapped after the exit route they had collapsed, a staircase that collapsed with the attack.

Attack on Donetsk

The offensive on kyiv has also coincided with Moscow’s accusation that Ukrainian forces had launched a missile attack that killed around twenty civilians in the separatist Donetsk region in the east of the country. A complaint that kyiv denied. Independent analysts have not yet been able to verify the veracity of the versions offered by the two sides.

For its part, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also reported that, since the outbreak of the war, there have been 31 attacks on Ukrainian hospitals and health centers, and that 12 people have died as a result of these activities. Among them is one of the women evacuated from the Mariúpol hospital, bombed last Wednesday, and whose image lying on a stretcher in an advanced state of pregnancy went around the world, according to the Associated Press (AP) agency.

On Lviva city in the west of the country shaken since last Friday by a series of bombings in nearby cities, the authorities once again asked the international community to airspace closure of Ukraine, a litany that they have been repeating for several days and that came to light again with the Russian attack on Sunday on a military base some 15 kilometers from the border with Poland. From the newly opened press center of the city, the mayor, Andriy Sadovyi, explained that people continue to donate blood but that there are 10 of those injured in Sunday’s attack who are in “bad condition”.

“I think we will win”

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“It’s a very difficult time in our lives,” Sadovyi said, raising the death toll from the attack to 37 and the number of wounded to 147. “I don’t know when this war will end,” but “I think we will win and I think in God,” he concluded. From kyiv, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense maintained, without offering evidence, that the morale of the Russian troops “is low” and that there are several Russian officers who are refusing to fight against the Ukrainian forces. Immediately afterwards, the Ukrainian government released data on some very young Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces.

The war, in any case, has not yet shown signs of receding in the Ukraine. In addition to kyiv, at dawn on Monday, which is when most of the attacks usually take place since the beginning of the Russian invasion, bombings against the Rivne TV tower -in which nine people would have died- and in Zhytomyr, in the west of the country; in a school in Mykolaiv, in the south; and in Okhtirka, a small city in the east located between the martyred Sumi and Kharkiv.

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