Russia and Ukraine: the graph of a military imbalance

  • Moscow is one of the world’s most powerful military majors and has at least tens of millions of troops and a large arsenal of weapons.

  • Kiev has relaunched the guest to modernize its operation through the Russian annexation of Crimea and receive military and economic support from the OTAN

The oriental expansion of the OTAN y las manubras de occupation rusas han vuelto a disparar la tensión en el este de Europe. During the last months, Moscow has deployed up to 100,000 soldiers on the front of Ukraine how to respond to Kiev’s advances to join the Atlantic Alliance. La rhetorical escalation bélica ha ido a más y, mientras los aliados exploran vías diplomáticas y sananciones, los United States ya han puesto en alerta a 8.500 militares.

All of his moves have led to many speculating in a hypothetical war to invade Ukraine. Tras ignores during the petitions of Vladimir Putin from the march behind the military amplification of the OTAN, the western block that Russia term balance balancing on his vecino. Although some experts have pointed out the low probability of a contingent — which Moscow has dropped, albeit briefly — the annexation of the peninsula’s force Crimea in 2014 and the control of the Ukrainian separatists of the region of Donbas its alarming precedents that no calman las aguas.

In 2017, the Ukrainian parliament issued a motion to reactivate its commitment to the OTAN. Two decades ago, the military alliance reached an agreement with a Kremlin entonces debilitado por el colapso de la USSR: no military expansion has taken place, this is where the Soviet sphere of influence lies. El pacto fue papel mojado. The OTAN amplifies its eastern fronts, reflecting tropes and missiles in countries such as Poland, Romania or the Baltic republics. Con Belarus in Moscow’s ally, Ukraine is the last major enclave to be separated from Russia.

A military giant and an ‘ally’ of the OTAN

Ukrania lleva ocho años desangrándose en una internal war in this country it is estimated that he killed more than 14,000 people. Although the Kremlin marked the country with a red line, through its illegal annexation of Crimea by various countries, with the EU and the United Kingdom in front, he brought an economic and military aid “without precedent & rdquor ;, as described by Kiev. The export of missiles, artillery, blind vehicles and including drones armed and allowed to modernize the ejército ucraniano and prepare for new geopolitical crisis.

It has a maximum destination of 5,230 million euros per year military forcewhich is 8.8% of the governing body and has up to 4% of its GDP, dates del Instituto Internacional de Investigación para la Paz de Estocolmo (Sipri) by 2020. For its part, the Russian military is estimated to be at 54,707 million, 11.4% of the state host and 4.5% of its national wealth. I am a military guest a 30% loss since 2010 and a 175% loss since 2000.

It is comparative that it sums it up military support which is receiving Ukraine through OTAN. The most powerful military alliance in the world is reunited with a total of 30 countries and a military presidency that rises to 1.56 billion euros. It is estimated that the OTAN military aid to Kiev equals more than 12,404 million. Only this year the EU has transferred the arms to a superior value of 576 million.

Comparison between the jurisdictions of Ukraine and Russia

Military Imbalance

About the papel, the military comparison between both countries is deeply unbalanced. Russia is one of the world’s most powerful military powers and accounts for 900,000 soldiers active and other millions in reserve; Ukraine has 209,000 assets and 900,000 in reserve, according to figures from the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS).

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El military equipment ruso también is mucho mayor. Asia, with 7,571 units of artillery30,122 blind vehicles, 12,420 tanks1,511 cases and combat aircraft and 544 attack helicopters. On the other side, the Ukrainian army had 2,040 artillery units, 12,303 blind vehicles, 2,596 tanks, 98 combas and fighter jets and 34 attack helicopters. Asia, Russian military dominoes are abruptly superior to tierra, like air or sea. Crimea’s annexation to Kiev and to Kremlin a naval base in the Sea of ​​Azov y en el Black Sea.

Each military maneuver and armament refrain generates an immediate reaction on the other hand. This is a logical logic that marks the far part of the voyage. Now, just over a decade of investigative tensions, this new escalation will unleash the vase of the perpetual crisis on the Western Front of Europe.

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