Russia and postmodern propaganda

The censorship of broadcasts ‘Russian Today’ and ‘Sputnik’ in Europe it was a naive move on the part of our authorities, as was YouTube’s decision to close the channels of these propaganda organs. The Kremlin will use all means at its disposal to infiltrate propaganda here. It is not difficult to stumble on the same social networks that are banned in Russia with messages characteristic of that Russian propaganda, so postmodern. Their goal is not to sell a specific false story or information, but to sow doubt and provoke discord.

In the same way that indiscriminate missiles try to ‘wield’ the resistant spirit of the Ukrainians, a kind of symbolic missiles are used to do the same with that of Western democracies. There is nothing new: it is the practice of intoxication in small doses of which the Kremlin used to fuel extreme populist movements on the left and right. The means to achieve the goal are too varied to be controlled. From the outset, in postmodern propaganda you don’t know if the black hand is there, or if someone is simply saying what he thinks.

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It is not about making anyone believe lies, but about sowing doubt about the accepted truths. There are crude examples, such as the attempt to turn a pregnant victim of the Mariupol children’s hospital bombing into an actress, or the conspiracy theorists to believe that United States created the coronavirus in laboratories in Ukraine. But also other more subtle ones, related to social debates for which we already have plenty of attitudes of tension and polarization.

Baudelaire He said that the devil’s best trick has been to persuade us that he does not exist, and postmodern propaganda employs precisely this recipe. Russia plays with the strategic advantage of facing democracies where freedom of expression exists. While Putin persecutes all dissidents, while he prohibits the word war from being written in the Russian media, here we do not know if anyone places NATO as responsible for the aggression due to conviction or spurious interests. This kind of postmodern propaganda it will go further in the coming weeks, redoubled by the progressive closure of the Kremlin’s official channels in Europe. We will see shadows and we will not know if it is a monster or a coat on a rack.

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