Rupture rehearsal?, by Rosa Paz

Since the progressive coalition government was formed, two years ago now, there has been speculation about the possibility that the agreement between the PSOE and United We Can break. The right, in fact, he thought, in an analysis that was proven wrong, that this would happen shortly after the Executive was constituted, because it is true that in the first months there were internal scuffles, of a sour tone, led most of the time by Pablo Iglesias, then second vice president and leader of the purples. But it didn’t happen. It was not logical, because the government pact is not a marriage for love that is going to go to hell because of a fight, it is a marriage of convenience and in the interest of both parties it was then, and it is now, to stay united. It will be something else, it will be seen, when the general election approaches, at which point they may be interested in divorce in order to run campaigns with a more challenging profile.

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