Scrum-half Nick McCarthy, who plays in the Irish province of Leinster, revealed his homosexuality on Monday.

Third scrum-half in the hierarchy of the multi-titled club, Nick McCarthy confessed in an interview with the club’s website that hiding his homosexuality “affected him so much that (he) considered leaving rugby”.

It was after a discussion with Leinster coaches that he decided to come out with his sexual orientation to his teammates in January.

“My experience since then has been entirely positive. I understood that those for whom we count only want us to be happy”, rejoiced the 27-year-old player.

“If another person (…) continues to play their sport because they see that a Leinster player has come out as gay and is accepted, that would be a brilliant consequence,” hoped the American-born player .

His announcement follows that of his teammate Jack Dunne, second line, who had revealed his bisexuality last year.

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