RTVE, tras la retirada de Luna Ki del Benidorm Fest: “No hay ningún tipo de reproche o critique hacia ella”

This Sunday, only one day before the beginning of the week Benidorm Fest, RTVE surprised to announce that Luna Ki había decided to withdraw from the competition without being able to use ‘autotune’ during his actuation. For its part, the artist has given these details details of the incident and found a video shared on his social media.

The interpretation of ‘Voy a morir’ affirma que “Europe will finally not allow the use of highways”, motivated by the fact that his number does not read “llevarse a cabo de la forma prevista”. “Podría haber dicho una excusa, haber dicho algo relacionado con mi salud, pero no voy a hacerlo porque com artista como persona es importante la verdad”, ha afirmado.

“In case the Benidorm Fest and hubiese ido to Eurovision representing Spain, hubiese tenid three months to adapt the song and make a version that I like without autotune“but this is an impossible result for some days of television broadcasts”, added in the video.

During the delay of this month, RTVE has confirmed in a press conference from Benidorm that the first semi-final of the markets will meet with six candidates through the retreat of Luna Ki, ya that these altos result in impossible to count with a reserve for the spectacle.

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“There will be a semi-final of six participants. We will have to modify the notary bases”, explained María Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation: “No type of controversy has been produced, criticizing or reproaching this lady”. Asimismo, from the Public Corporation he indicated that “it is a decision that has tomado and all his companions the respect, the ten much cariño”.

Cabe recorder that the bay of Luna Ki has provoked that the semi-finals are compensated by the number of competitors. A situation that does not preoccupy the aspirants who are playing the pass until the final during the night of Wednesday. “We are focused on the actions. That there is one more person in the other semifinal is not in my mind”, he explained Marta Sango. “We compete against our own”, supported by him Gonzalo Hermida.


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