Royal Caribbean will have a new large cruise terminal in Barcelona

  • The shipping company has already presented the installation project that will strengthen the city as a base port in Europe

  • The economic impact `for the Catalan capital is multiplied when it hosts the start and end of the routes

Almost four years ago the shipping company Royal Caribbean announced its intention to have a large self-managed terminal in the Port of Barcelona. The pandemic has slowed down many business plans, but this is finally beginning to take shape as the construction project has finally been officially presented in Barcelona.

The president of the port, Damia Calvet, has announced that the American company has already processed the request to develop the project for what will be the seventh and last cruise ship infrastructure at the dock Adossat of the infrastructure. The announcement was made at a breakfast organized by Forum Europe, presented by the president of Barcelona Global, Aurora Catà, and attended by the Government delegate in Catalonia, Maria Eugènia Gay, and the special delegate of the State in the Barcelona Free Zone Consortium (CZFB), Pere Navarro, among others, according to Europa Press.

Base port and economic impact

Calvet has celebrated “a new foreign investment in Catalonia” and that Royal Caribbean has reaffirmed its commitment to the Port of Barcelona to consolidate its operations as a base port. This type of operation is the most important for the Catalan capital, since cruise passengers start and end the route here, so they spend hotel stays, have a greater economic impact and make much more deconcentrated and intensive tourism than excursionists with stopovers. a single day

In 2018, the shipping company already announced its desire to have its own management terminals to facilitate its operations, after beginning to operate in the city on a regular basis with the largest cruise ships in the world, of the Oasis. At that time, they thought of remodeling C, one of the three (along with A and B) that directly operates the Port through Creuers del Port de Barcelona. Subsequently, the construction of a completely new one has been chosen, according to port sources explained to this newspaper.

It thus follows in the footsteps of the Carnival group, which already operates the D and E (Palacruceros and Hélix), and of MSC, which is building a new Royal Cruise will be the seventh and last.

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This restructuring of the cruise activity is part of the agreement reached with the city council in January 2018, according to which the Adossat wharf (farthest from the urban center) will have seven terminals, while the two will also disappear in the coming years. terminals of the World Trade Center to open this space (closer) to the city. All the new facilities are characterized by integrating the facilities for the new energy supplies of the future, in terms of the electrification network and liquefied natural gas.

New mega cruise this summer

It so happens that Royal Caribbean will present its new mega cruise ship in Barcelona next week, the wonder of the seas, one of the most spectacular in the world, with a capacity for a maximum of almost 7,000 passengers and which is part of the new generation of ships, more sustainable and less polluting. Will come to town to start regular weekly departures throughout the summer season en route through the western Mediterranean.

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