Rosalia He has also starred in a very viral moment in his last visit to ‘El hormiguero’. In addition to ensuring that her best lyrics are written lying down, the Catalan artist has also transformed into a blonde reporter to ask passersby about various topicshoping to find the real opinion of the street.

Although there were people who recognized her immediately, Rosalía has asked everyone she has met. From what they think of the lyrics ‘Hentai’ to their outfits or extra-long nails, even going through C. Tangana, her ex-partner, or her characteristic flamenco stylefinding all kinds of answers during the course of the report on the street.

This transformation of Rosalía has become a highly commented matter by users of social networks. In fact, some of them described this report as television history.

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In addition to this infiltration through the streets of Madrid, Rosalía also talked about many other topics during her visit to ‘El hormiguero’. In fact, in addition to chatting about other matters, the artist talked about how she composes the lyrics of her songs after being asked by Nuria Roca and Pablo Motos, who connected via video call: “Depends on the song.

“There are songs that I have a few lines started on my mobile and then I continue them. There are others that I do on paper and I get in the studio to dedicate hours to them. I think the best ones come out lying in bed“, affirmed the Catalan artist in the answer she gave to this question.

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