Rosalía: this is the video clip of ‘La fama’, her new song with The Weeknd

Rosalía has just published ‘La fama’, a new single in which The Weeknd collaborates singing in Spanish. A song with high voltage video that contains a very clear message, according to the promotional sheet sent this Wednesday by Sony Music: “Fame can be a great lover, charming, seductive … but at the same time it is also very superficial.” In Rosalía’s words: “I wanted to write, in my own way, a bachata with a little story around ambition. Taking as a reference the lyrics of Ruben Blades or Patti Smith and the themes of Adventure, I ended up writing a story of romance with fame. “

In the clip, we find the Catalan artist as the queen bee of a nightclub, and in it, in addition to The Weeknd, the charismatic actor Danny Trejo, the popular Machete, appears. With ‘La fama’ we find ourselves before the first song of the Long-awaited new album by Rosalía, entitled ‘Motomami’ and will see the light in 2022.

It is not the first time that Rosalía and The Weeknd collaborate together, since in 2020 a new mix of the great success ‘Blinding Lights’ by the American was launched, which included the appearance of the Spanish. Likewise, this announcement of ‘La fame’ comes just a few days after the author of ‘El mal quiero’ (2018) revealed in another advertisement on networks, under the only title of ‘Motomami’ and a more experimental sound, than his The third album will be released sometime in 2022. She did it precisely three years after the release of that album, which catapulted her onto the international scene, being one of the most valued of 2018 by global critics, which has turned his next job in one of the most anticipated.

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Awarded with a Grammy and five Latin Grammys, In this time he has not stopped releasing songs or collaborating with other colleagues such as J Balvin (‘With height’), Ozuna (‘I x you, you x me’), Travis Scott (‘TKN’), Billie Eilish ( ‘You’re going to forget it’), Oneohtrix Point Never (‘Nothing’s Special’), Bad Bunny (‘Last night’s night’) or the most recent with Tokischa (‘Linda’).

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