Rosalía returned this Thursday to the set of ‘El hormiguero’ to present ‘Motomami’, his new album. In addition to talking about other issues, the artist talked about how she composes the lyrics after being asked by Nuria Roca and Pablo Motos, who she connected via video call: “Depends on the song.

“There are songs that I have a few lines started on my mobile and then I continue them. There are others that I do on paper and I get in the studio to dedicate hours to them. I think the best ones come out lying in bed“, affirmed the Catalan artist in the answer she gave to this question.

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Moments later, Nuria Roca also asked Rosalía when is the moment when she realizes that a song is finished: “When I’m not neurotic lost. When I can listen to it and that’s it, because otherwise I’m always taking notes in plan, such an adjustment must be made “.

“I do not have the answer. Clearly, it is a music with a lot of magic. It makes you move, it makes you happy and it gives you a lot of feeling. It is a very special music, which already has its years, as a genre. I love it. I always reggaeton. I always sang it and danced it with my cousins ​​at the fair, the performances of Don Omar or Lorna, “replied the artist when asked by the presenter about the secret of why so many people like reggaeton.

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