Rosa Tous: “Our main challenge is to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting”

  • The president of Andema warns in an event organized by EL PERIÓDICO that the practice is behind “fraud, money laundering and even human trafficking”

  • The businesswoman also regrets the high percentage of young people (45%) who voluntarily buy a fake product

The proportion of young people who deliberately buy a counterfeit product has gone from 16% before the pandemic to 45% last year. This is indicated by the last Youth Intellectual Property Barometer, which shows that nearly half of Spaniards between the ages of 15 and 24 buy counterfeits voluntarily. Above all Clothes and shoesbut also cosmetic Y electronics devices. “This worries us”, confesses Rosa Tous, with this study of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in the hand. “It is necessary to think a little more and have more information before acting & rdquor ;, synthesizes the corporate vice president and director of the jewelry company Tous.

She has been the protagonist of the seventh ‘afterwork’ organized by EL PERIÓDICO and Holaluz at Casa Seat, an event in which she actually participated as president of Andemathe Association for the Defense of the Brand. This organization, introduced by Tous herself on the spot, is now made up of 80 associates (from Adidas, Camper either Louis Vuittonuntil Mahou San Miguel, Natura Bisse either Telephone) that insistently seek to protect their trademarks and patents. Because, according to this directive, one of the great challenges faced by this type of company is counterfeiting, but above all, raising awareness about it.

“The main challenge we have is to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting: many times the consumer does not know what is behind it, and there are fraudin many cases money laundering and even human trafficking& rdquor ;, Tous explained at the event. And, furthermore, what it undoubtedly lacks -he added- is sustainability. “Young people, who are usually the most activist when we talk about sustainability, do not take this cause into account at all and that behind the counterfeits, sustainability is zero & rdquor ;, he continued.

Not only that, in practice, the problem is also “economic, Job positionsof precariousness in tradeof innovation (a lot of investment is lost on fakes) and even Health&rdquor ;, listed the businesswoman, with special emphasis on the risks of consuming counterfeit toys that have not passed any type of control. “Brands have canons of procedures that guarantee that a toy will be at the point of sale with the maximum guarantees & rdquor ;, Tous defended.

But aware that everyone has bought a fake at some point, he said, and that one of the main reasons that leads to consuming these products is the difference in price, the director pointed out the series of elements that make theirs more expensive: “ Innovation, patents, protection, taxes…”, he exemplified. “Brands work hard to be able to provide guarantees, transparency, credibility and trust in what we are doing and we obviously invest the money in explaining what we do, but also in R&D, innovation or design”, assured Tous.

Thus, the main advice for a entrepreneur or neophyte brand owner is to register it, study how to protect it and, again, arm themselves against counterfeits. “The brand acquires a value that goes far beyond the product or service that is being sold: it is the one that provides guarantee, transparency, security… You have to be very aware of how important it is to protect it & rdquor ;, Tous pointed out. Just as knowing that the process of protecting her is not easy at all: according to this expert, when a ship that comes with a counterfeit product is seized in Spain, it is the victim company that is in charge of storing all the ‘stock’ until the trial is held. “It is not saving a bottle, it is saving the 100,000 that come in the container & rdquor ;, exemplified the businesswoman.

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Be that as it may, Rosa Tous is committed to persisting in persecuting these practices. She focused practically her entire speech on it (her objective, she affirmed in fact, was to put on the table that sensitivity that she believes we should all have before buy a fake), although the meeting also gave rise to talk about Tous as a company or her role as a female manager, a professional level where it is more common to find a man.

In the specific case of your company, women are almost half of the board and 80% of the staff. “In my personal case, we are four sisters, daughters of a woman with spectacular strength who has taught us that we work, fight and that it is about setting goals in front of us and going for them”, confessed Rosa Tous. “We don’t have to make two sides, we have to be a single team and see it as people & rdquor ;, concluded the businesswoman. “And that above all there has to be talent& rdquor ;, he finished. In this sense, she added, her business and personal keys pass through three C’s: the constancythe coherence and be clear about impact.

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