Rocha signs collaboration agreement with Infonavit

  • More than 87 families in Sinaloa that maintain credit will benefit from “freezing” their monthly payments.
  • It will seek to formalize the cases where families have invaded abandoned Infonavit houses, so as not to be evicted.

Culiacán, Sinaloa, May 18, 2022.- As an agreement with great social content, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya described the Collaboration Agreement that he signed with the director of Infonavit, Carlos Martínez Velázquez, because it has to do with the protection of the most important heritage of any family, such as their home and the possibility of acquiring one for those who lack it.

The state president highlighted that 50 years after its creation, Infonavit has now been transformed in the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to become a more humane institution, with great social content and that has represented an important benefit for the workers from Mexico.

Governor Rocha took advantage of Director Carlos Martínez’s visit to address the situation of abandoned Infonavit houses that are being irregularly occupied by low-income families, as they do not have their own home.

“In the cases that we have of houses that are invaded, if we can do something, to say, notice that this family here is without support and we do not know where it came from, but we have a way to help them to keep the house and open a responsibility to pay, we have to do it, we are not going to say: we have to look for them to evict, no, because then the social and human sense that the Institute has is lost”, he commented.

For this reason, he said that the agreement that he signed with the director of Infonavit will allow for actions in favor of this policy of territorial reorganization, since precisely one of the innovations is that now the beneficiaries can obtain a loan from the Institute for the purchase of a piece of land where They can build their own house, in the place of their choice.

In his speech, the general director of Infonavit, Carlos Martínez Velázquez, recognized Governor Rocha’s commitment to housing and social causes, for which they will have the support of the Institute.

“We are going to do the impossible to see how we can serve displaced families, recover urban developments and make more Sinaloans have access to housing, that we do it as a team and together because only then can we truly have a public policy. Infonavit can’t do it alone, the government can’t do it alone, neither can the municipalities, but if we work together and we are clear about the causes and housing policies, we can have results in favor of people”, he stressed.

Likewise, it reported that 87 thousand 393 Sinaloan families will be able to convert their credit from Times Minimum Wages (VSM) to pesos with the Universal Window of Shared Responsibility, obtaining a monthly payment and a fixed rate for the remainder of the life of the financing.

Regarding the new product “Crediterreno”, the director of Infonavit said that here in Sinaloa it has been highly requested, and it consists of families being able to buy their land in the place of their choice and decide to build their home there to their liking.

“The revolution that we are making in terms of housing is that we are not saying to the family: you have to live there, you have to live in these conditions, but rather we give them the possibility and freedom that they are the ones who decide how they want to live with their families,” he specified.

Said credit for the purchase of land has an interest rate of 6.7 percent, and after two years of paying it, the beneficiary can obtain an additional credit so that he can start the construction of his home.

Carlos Martínez also reported that 146,000 Infonavit beneficiaries in Sinaloa have pre-approved a loan of up to 2,200,000 pesos for the purchase of a house, which represents a good opportunity for housing developers to present their offer.

The event was welcomed by the secretary of Welfare and Sustainable Development, Ruth Díaz Gurría, who highlighted the changes in Infonavit’s policy, with the innovation of these products for the acquisition of land and loans for self-construction, which were not previously available. They existed at the Institute.

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