Rocha inaugurates the Incubate MX digital platform

Culiacán, Sinaloa, on January 26, 2022.- To launch the Incubate MX digital platform, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya ensures that Sinaloa is a state of opportunity, and to promote the establishment of new companies, its governor has a society employers and micro-entrepreneurs, in order to be able to concretize their project projects, and with it contribute to the economic development through the generation of more employees.

From the Center for Senior Citizens in Sinaloa, the state mandate was formally launched in this program by the Secretariat of Economy, which consists of a digital platform where anyone who has the idea of ​​running a business, importing it in advance, can find it Assessment and channelization of Red FOSIN’s inversion speeches and public recourse.

Cabe detaches that tan only on the first day of opening the portal it has registered 200 productive projects of various municipalities of the state, such as Angostura, Escuinapa, Mocorito, Choix, in addition to the large cities of Mazatlán, Los Mochis and Culiacán.

“Sinaloa is a state of opportunity, and we want to make societies of our employers like the governor because they allow us to enter, we have to work solely on the subject of assessment, because there are areas of opportunity that are not being explored ellos. Here it is important assistants, because we are the converters to work on Red FOSIN and other financial instruments, but also with technological accessory that is fundamental “, says the state mandate in its message.

Governor Rocha considers that the micros (micros, smallpox and median companies) are the basis of the economic development of the state, and can also be converted into the providers of large companies and establishments, even if they are governed by the government, as it is the small industrial furniture of Concordia, in order to distribute its products in Coppel, the mandate to approve the assistance of the event of the president of this group, Agustín Coppel Luken.

“I’ve been to Agustín’s, the big companies that they have needed local testing, and I’ve been talking to Concordia’s furniture; for supuesto, we need our suppliers to be able to produce what the large companies require and companies like Coppel, and others that we have here, our organ because it also represents an example of emprendurismo, which is lower, to participate in this Incubate MX program ”, added.

In his speech, on behalf of the business sector, Agustín Coppel Luken recognizes that this work is being done by Rubén Rocha Moya’s governor, to promote the grassroots entrepreneurial initiative from the very important base, as well as this type of technology platform ayudan to microempresario que va empezando para ser sujetos a financiamiento, pues menjiono que en todo initia una empresa is difficult to obtain bank credit, but in order to have the support these expenditures like Red FOSIN that impulse the emprendurismo.

For his part, the Secretary of the Economy, Javier Gaxiola Coppel, said he knew is the result of creative ideas for creating new fireplaces that include an inclusive and inclusive economic development.

It is known that this platform can be approved by any person, from whom no one has the idea to make a deal, whether they are micro-entrepreneurs, or who are self-employed and working on their account, the “freelancers” who receive them mentors of large companies in Mexico, and the foreigner, who also participates in this portal companies of Chile, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador and Guatemala.

“Invite the learning community to participate and approve this platform; “This is one of the many initiatives that we are pushing for the Secretariat of the Economy to provoke the creation of more and more companies, as a consequence, there will be an increase in the quality and length of jobs,” he concluded.

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