• The state president attended the State Congress to commemorate the centenary of the Political Constitution of the State of Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa, June 22, 2022.- When participating in the solemn ceremony of the 64 Legislature of the State Congress where it was unveiled on the Wall of Honor with gold letters “Centenary of the Promulgation of the Political Constitution of the State of Sinaloa of 1922”, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya endorsed his irrevocable constitutionalist, republican and municipalist spirit, enshrined in the Constitution itself.

During his message from the tribune of the Plenary Hall of the legislative precinct, Governor Rocha congratulated the members of said Legislature for this initiative to commemorate the centenary of our local Constitution, and specified that the greatest recognition that can be given to this Magna Carta and to all its reformers throughout history, is the unrestricted respect for its dictates.

“I take this opportunity to endorse, from my position as governor, my irrevocable constitutionalist, republican and municipalist spirit, enshrined in the same Constitution, and my unwavering will to defend and obey it,” he said.

Before issuing his message, the state president thanked the president of the Board of Directors, deputy Gene René Bojórquez Ruiz, and the president of the Political Coordination Board, deputy Feliciano Castro Meléndrez, who, like the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Judge Jesús Iván Chávez Rangel, each delivered a message from the podium.

For this reason, the governor highlighted the republican character of this event, by bringing together the three Powers of the State, to commemorate the hundred years of validity of our constitutional framework of 1922, which is the longest of the six reforms that gave rise to the XIX century since the creation of the Constitution in 1831, when Sinaloa separated from Sonora, with whom it formed the Western Free State.

“Judging by its long duration, ours has been a successful Constitution, because it has also been able to combine the factors of continuity and change of its elements over time,” he added.

He stressed that the dynamics of Sinaloa constitutionalism is easily recognizable, as it has been able to adapt our Magna Carta to the processes of social, political and cultural change that Sinaloa has experienced from 1922 to date, turning it into a very progressive Bill of Rights.

The governor recalled that our Constitution has enshrined the changes in terms of political and electoral rights of women, the demands of young people and indigenous people, and the protection of families.

He explained that the political opposition of all times and of all ideological signs, little by little, like the drop that breaks through the rock, conquered their right to political and electoral participation, and contributed to opening up the old political regime, for which This ordering and regulatory document consecrates the most important changes in the municipal life of Sinaloa.

“Here, in this endearing House of the People, the Parliament of Sinaloa, the history of our local political regime has passed, progressively democratized. Through our Constitution we have seen the process of expanding political rights, the guarantee of our freedoms, the birth and death of national and local political parties, as well as electoral designs and criteria for political representation, as well as the birth and consecration of the pluralism that is the lifeblood of our democratic life”, he concluded.

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