Rocha delivers resources to the City Council to pay police widows

  • In this way, the just claim of many women who had been demanding compliance with the law for years was met.

Culiacán, Sinaloa, June 13, 2022.- Governor Rubén Rocha Moya signed an agreement with the municipal president of Culiacán, Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil, through which the State Government allocated more than 20 million pesos so that the municipality pay the pension to the widows of municipal police officers, which was very effusively appreciated by these women, who received the governor with applause, hugs and cheers of “yes it could”.

In his message at the Cabildos Hall, the state president called on the councilors and the new municipal president, Gámez Mendívil, not to waste time in all aspects, and stressed that paying the widows of police officers was the human issue most important that was in question in recent months.

Governor Rocha specified that this is a legal mandate that had not been complied with by the previous municipal president, and took the opportunity to urge the Cabildo de Culiacán, to also comply with another reform that was made to the law, to grant a discount of 50 percent in the payment of drinking water service not only for pensioners, but also for older adults and people with permanent disabilities.

“It’s good that we return to the path of Law, of the law, we are going to do it with this -pensions for widows of police officers- I suggest that you do the same with the discount that is given on water for the case of people with disabilities and older adults, because it is also a law that is in the idea that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has drawn up to establish a welfare state,” he said.

He commented that although material things are important, such as paving a street, actions of a human nature are even more important, such as paying pensions to widows of police officers. “We are not going to make firewood from the fallen tree, we are only going to give it continuity, not to waste time in Culiacán,” she said.

For his part, Mayor Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil recalled that one of the most significant causes that led to the dismissal of the former municipal president was contempt for the reform in reference to the Public Security Law, which grants the right to a pension. to police widows.

“For this reason, one of my first commitments, as acting president, was that this injustice would have to be repaired immediately. Here we are the governor Rubén Rocha and a server fulfilling the word pledged, ”he said.

He added that with the firm, legal and unanimous intervention, the deputies re-established the institutional regulations in the municipality of Culiacán, opening the paths that should never have been closed for the overcoming of the state and municipal law.

“Mr. Governor, your provision, reiterated many times and now endorsed, to support the solution of the pension for widows of police officers with financial resources from the state speaks very well of your responsibility and humanism in the exercise of your government,” said.

On behalf of the police widows, Mrs. María Aurora Valenzuela Palazuelos intervened, who thanked Governor Rocha for the availability and sensitivity he has shown to address and resolve the social problems that afflict the people of Sinaloa.

The lady also thanked Mayor Gámez Mendívil, who among the first actions of the new municipal government of Culiacán, is to attend to this social group, since there are dozens of wives, who together with their children, have for years sought justice for those police elements who gave their lives so that peace and security could flourish in Culiacán and Sinaloa.

“Our husbands were policemen who exposed their lives and for a better Sinaloa they lost it, it is only right that the State respond to this sacrifice and for humanity and justice attend to the needs of the women, girls and boys who were orphaned,” he said. .

“For us and our families it is clear that you have the will to attend to our fair claim that for years was ignored by past state and municipal governments, which only acted and pretended to seek the well-being of the people of Sinaloa, we want to make it clear that the only thing What has motivated us to be in this fight is the search for justice for our fallen husbands and to provide a good life for our children,” he concluded.

Governor Rocha attended the Cabildo accompanied by the Secretary General of the Government, Enrique Inzunza Cázarez; and by the Secretary for Women, Tere Guerra Ochoa, and local deputies Serapio Vargas Ramírez and Pedro Lobo also attended.

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