Roc Piñera, the gifted student of Fernando Alonso

  • Roc, 9 years old and imitating his brother Aleix, who at 11 also flies low with the kart, has just won the Spanish championship organized by the two-time F-1 champion

  • “Here, in the F-1, the good one is Verstappen, because Hamilton has always had the best car”, says this student from the 4th grade of Primary from La Salle de Sant Celoni

What wonderful people, God! You enter The Hall of Sant Celoni, where they study, prepare and are educated almost 700 boys and girls, our future, and the first thing you stumble upon is a ladder on the first step of which is written ‘in this school’ these requirements occur, we defend and fulfill. And the following clauses are written on the steps that give access to the classes: ‘On se respecte’ (we respect each other), ‘compartim vivències’, we say sorry, ‘we work hard’ (we work hard) and ‘on es courageux’ (We are brave).

That school, which exudes kindness, affection, professionalism, dedication, love for future generations and pampering, a lot of pampering, has teachers like Teresa Lozano placeholder image, who wanted to be a journalist and dreams that one of his students from that noisy, friendly, motley class B of 4th Primary, would become a reporter.

The Mute Champion

That is why it teaches them, not only to read, but also to write. That is why it has a kind of journalism workshop. That is why he willingly accepts that a journalist enters to interview, share and take a funny photo of one of his children. “From this moment, from this talk, from this report we are going to get a lot of good things & rdquor ;, says Teresa, who turns any experience into an educational matter.

And there, in the middle of the class, mute, almost scared, is the karting tiger. He is 9 years old, like all his classmates. Is named Roc Piñera Rusiñol. Dad Josep he is an electrician; mother Cristina, lawyer. Has a brother, Aleix, 11 years old, who also flies low with the kart, but the one who has won the Spanish championship that he organizes Fernando Alonso, with karts manufactured by the two-time F-1 champion, is the ‘little one’ of the house.

Neither the school, nor Teresa, nor father, nor mother can be more proud of the boy. School because he lives it, of course, naturally. Who knows, right, what will become of Roc? Teresa because she assures that he is “a wonderful kid and a good student & rdquor ;. Dad, because even though he thinks he could get better grades, he’s happier when Roc is having fun on the track than “almost when he wins & rdquor ;. And Mom, why doesn’t she stop taking cases and cases to see if she can make it to the end of the month and put her two cents in that expensive piggy bank that kart racing is. We don’t even talk about the amount of repairs Dad does.

The fact is that Roc, who affirms that “the good is Max Verstappen because he’s very, very, brave and aggressive and Lewis Hamilton what he has is the best car & rdquor ;, he has just won an attractive championship in Spain where all the karts are the same and, above all, they are raffled before each race. Strollers with 60cc engines that reach 100 km / h in a straight line. Of eight races in Campillos (Andalucia), Zuera (Aragon) and Recas (Toledo)Well, none in Catalonia! Where karting has collapsed, says Josep, Roc has won three, with three more podiums and two fourth places.

Obelix’s pot

“I like to start and try to escape, but that is not easy at all. It’s not that I don’t like fighting, that I like it, it’s that I prefer to avoid it, although our races are usually very fun & rdquor ;, says Mudito Roc. “He is very fine driving, as is his brother Aleix, who, hopefully! You can go, next year, with a grant to the CAR of the Cheste circuit, because we no longer have enough money to continue helping you. Both, I insist, are very fine and have very good hands & rdquor ;, adds Josep Piñera, who does not dream of anything “simply that they enjoy and study. Much & rdquor ;.

Piñera regrets that the kart has collapsed in Catalonia. The strength that this specialty had a few years ago in Catalan lands has moved to Valencia. Aleix and Roc were born to race in the birthplace of Lliçà d’Amunt, where, look, the great Àlex Palou, recent winner of the North American Indy, emerged. The Obélix kettle where Roc fell is, they say, the Kids to win team of José Luis Bermudez, Sallent’s ‘boss’.

“I like to start and try to escape, but that is not easy at all”

Roc Piñera Rusiñol / 9-year-old Spanish karting champion

Mudito Roc is clear that the circuits are “my other playground at school, where I’m going to have a good time and where, of course, if I can win, I won’t stop trying & rdquor ;. Papa Josep does not want more, hence he refuses to do crazy things to be able to continue supporting the careers of his children, who are good but, if they do not have outside help, their parents are not going to mortgage their lives so that they continue running . “We will do everything necessary to get help and, if it does not arrive, we will go as far as we can, but no more & rdquor ;.

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For now, as they are the champions of the two-time world championship, they are invited (all expenses paid) to take part in the championship race that Alonso himself organizes at his circuit in Asturias (Llanera) on November 28. “And we will be there to enjoy a racing weekend,” says Piñera. “It would be nice to win & rdquor ;, says Mudito Roc. “We better have a good time & rdquor ;, adds Dad.

Let’s go. Teresa, our wonderful teacher, a reflection of a model school, looks out at the top of the stairs and, stepping on the ‘we are brave’ step, says goodbye to us. I will come back. I have a colleague in classroom B of the 4th grade of Primary.

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