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There is only one sin as serious as that of make a Spanish omelette without strictly following the guidelines established: cook rice with things and call it paella. The gastronomic laws of a country like Spain are not written, but because it is not necessary. If anything unites us Spaniards, from across the political spectrum and social condition, it is the culinary aberrations that are made beyond our borders and which are later presumed on social networks.

The last to taste the wrath of Spanish palates in his meats has been the good Robert Paterson, a Canadian gentleman who lives in Knowlton, Quebec, and had a quiet life writing a series of short books for Amazon where he analyzes the world of social networks and artificial intelligence. Perhaps, after what happened, I can write a single volume dedicated to the Spanish tortilla as a trigger for bullying cross-border

It was last January 2 when Robert, to give himself a joy starting this 2022, wanted to throw the house out the window and prepare “my version of the Spanish tortilla” that, at first, he already told us that it would take him an hour to prepare. Suspicious to say the least. If we look at the photograph that he shared with the message, the suspicions are already confirmed: cheese, sausage, potato, mushrooms, peppers, prawns and, surely, other foods that we cannot distinguish, cooking in a pan.

Some time later, Robert showed the image after pouring the egg directly on top of the preparation:

We have not been able to see the finish, but we do not need to intuit how the tortilla of Robert who, at first, went unnoticed by Twitter. Just a few days later, this very week, the Spaniards came up with the recipe and were merciless with it, as usually happens in these cases:

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Robert’s tortilla attempt became so viral that even chef José Andrés wanted to take matters into his own hands and give him a slap on the wrist and a couple of tips. He thanks him for the desire he has put into it and for sharing his experiment culinary, and even recognizes that many books have been written in recent years in which multiple ingredients for this very Spanish recipe appear, “but today’s is only with eggs, potatoes and onion (sometimes)”:

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Poor Robert, on the international target, has been analyzing his situation with great humor: “I caused a storm on Twitter by posting a photo of my version of the Spanish tortilla, who would have thought?”, he wondered, ironically saying that his sister had warned him and advancing that he would dare to make a version of paella too. He even created the hashtag himself #SpanishOmelette and has wanted to respond with jokes to the attacks:

However, later, we assume that a little fed up with his mobile fuming with the mentions, he ended up somewhat pissed off:

“All of Spain is attacking me”, complained poor Robert who, we assume, will no longer want to share his version of the paella.

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