• 15 years ago with “a murderous life” arranged by death by the Mafia for his book ‘Gomorrah’, the Italian periodical drew his sentiments and rabies in ‘Todavía estoy vivo’, autobiography in comic debuted by the Israeli Asaf Hanuka

“Do not live by the means to lose the life is unsupportable”, confiesa Roberto Saviano from the computer desk. Tras él, unas librarias llenas de libros bien ordenados. Viste camisa azul y americana gris. Peru desnuda sus sentimientos, su rabia, su frustration. Y sigue sin morderse la lengua contra la Mafia, pese a que lleva 15 years of death organized by the Camorra, desde que sacó sus trapos sucios a la luz en ‘Gomorrah’, in 2006, y los capos pusieron una diana a su cabeza. More than 5,400 protected days by Guardaespaldas, that the companion has to go to draw the trumpet, with a “life of murder”, living in successive dark circles on the side of the francotiradores, traveling with false numbers, without being able to have a stable couple or create a family … “Because there is room for you, you can not live here”, clama con voz serena.

Hope the Neapolitan periodical and writer who is here to help ‘Todavía estoy vivo’ (Reservoir Books), his review published autobiography in comics, dibujada por el israeli Asaf Hanuka (1974), co-author of the award-winning animated documentary ‘Vals con Bashir’. “It brings with it the realism and delirium that is necessary in order to imagine the disaster that it is alive. I have not been able to do so with a literary text.

“Tenia 26 years old when he passed away. Now he is 42”, continuous Saviano (Nápoles, 1979), which since then has been sold diez millions of copies of ‘Gomorrah’, released on film by Matteo Garrone and also converted into a television series. “And in all these years I have provoked a continuous estro has sido to be justified by the hecho of being alive. Oír one terrible question of engineered people: ‘If you are in the object of the Mafia, how is it that I am alive? ‘For what has not died?’. Quiza for the police protection tan fuerte, for the media attention & mldr; But the reason is that the power given to them, that they are alive because they are. Pero no es así. For now I am alive. Lo digo in the comic. Because it will not die, it will be suspended between life and death. I am not alive and I am not dead “.

Revel in the comic bright lights, as when njugo jugaba al Subbuteo con su hermano pequeño, el cariño de su madre o cómo su padre le montaba en la cesta de la bici y paseaban. “This scene Asaf supo unirla con como me sentía yo, dibujándome como un gorila en una jaula”, ilustra. But he also evoked the idea of ​​blowing up a car bomb in his step, mandating “an explosive panettone”, appearing in a public act or in the bathroom of a gasoline cleaner. The international success of ‘Gomorrah’ and the hecho that the Mafia decides not to make it a martyr ayudaron and not to materialize.

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At some point, he admits to being “ingenious”: “You have the hope that you will save me some powder, that I will have a gobbler, a man, that I will say ‘I have everything and little one will have a normal life’. Pero eso significaría caer en ese chantje de tener una normal vid a cambio de guardar silencio. Now that’s it, antes no “. Quizá porque hubo momentos que le marcaron, como cuando de niño, en 1991, la Mafia mato al párroco don Peppe Diana por write a manifesto donde decía” No me callaré “.

Public opinion has not been much discussed since a periodical in Europe

Saviano tampoco ha callado nunca. Did not write or denounce: ‘The Contrary to Death’, ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, ‘The Band of Nines’, ‘ZeroZeroZero’ & mldr; In this last (also converted in series), “treatment of drug capitalism in Mexico, which lives an anarcho-dictatorship”, explains. “Matan auntos tantos periodistas por el silencio de la socidentad occidental. Y porque no hay películas o documentals de impacto sober estos periodistas asesinados, quizá porque no son norteamericanos. saben “, lamenta tras record to other reporters assigned in Europe, where” there is a war “that wants to explain. “Nadie is scandalizing that mataran to a periodist, Peter de Vries, in the center of Amsterdam, or in Slovakia to Ján Kuciak, or Daphne Caruana in Malta … Public opinion is normal that lives with protection and vigilance. The year passed condenaron to a capo for the arrangements that received. ‘la palabra da miedo al crimen organized’, pero solo hubo algunos articulillos sober ello. La gente se ha acostumbrado. Europe is a mafia line and whoever reveals it will be barred, denounced and will have a murderous life “.

Ante tanta impunidad, siente también que “es impossible cambiar las cosas”. “The mafias helped me to increase capitalism because capitalism has a mafia vocation. For example, with los papeles de Panamá habina dinera de la reina Isabel pero también del padrino de la mafia meficana Quintero. Demonstrate the criminal vocation of the system. Londres is home to the global capital of Blanqueo. Luego Andorra, Luxemburgo, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, Mónaco, Chipre, Malta, Holanda …, que intentan atraer todo el dinero criminal posible. What are the intellectuals in the debate about? And how is it that a fruit seller pays 60% in taxes and a millionaire only 5%? The mafias lo saben y defienden are in the economic vanguardia muriendo and matando. It is believed that the trainees will be, and will be, the ones who will be there for the sake of their most powerful people “.

Continuing to talk about drug trafficking. “Durante el covid the criminal organizations he empezado to distribute to 300% the heroin pork in the confinement of the people that the quería staba put in house. What is the debate about it? If they say that they the Taliban are Islamists and only the women, but also their drug addicts which is financed with the heroine. The ancient cities of Laos, Thailand or Vietnam, are central to Afghanistan and Burma. Why do you know that the drug market can be compared to petroleum? About the legal antidolor drug: the oxycodone epidemic has caused 400,000 deaths. The drug is the mafia business. Spain is the gateway to drugs in Europe y no he oído aún a primer ministro denunciando o denunciado. I do not understand that the mafia is just an Italian problem & rdquor ;. And Saviano congratulates, tras leer ‘Fariña’, Nacho Carretero’s investigation into the narcotics traffic in Galicia, from which ‘Gomorrah’ has served to explain this world.

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El acoso de los ‘haters’

Reflect on this autobiography on vines the acosan los ‘haters’ in the speeches or drive of them. People who the accusation of that only the interest of the diner, of going to a party at a party or enjoying a tactic in New York. “Hay ‘haters’ organized politically, otros que me odian for antipatía. Debo tener un sosías que va a las fiestas en mi lugar y que tiene un Ferrari. ¡Ojalá! -Sonríe con amargura-. De niño quería una vida como de Hemingway. I’m excited to have a lot of light. live enclosed in a house, I must change my face and face, I have a camouflage while selling … Dejé de leerlos y de contestarlos y schucharlos porque dicen chorradas y usan la defamation para cubrirme de barro “.

Saviano, who reveals that he is working on an animation film, quotes a Frank Miller, Andrea Pazienza, Will Eisner, Art Spiegelman or Marjane Satrapi , amén de Hanuka y su hermano Tomer, comos sus referentes del comic. “Pero también me han formado Mickey Mouse, ‘Ilíada’ or ‘El Príncipe’, by Maquiavelo“, añad who in the book teaches his” herida “, is asked when he can finally let go and get the armor with the one Hanuka dibuja in a window.” There was a lot of guilt because he did not follow. Me pregunto, ¿es por narcisismo, egocentrismo? What is the purpose of living this life, why not renounce it? Luego meant that I was attracted to the ‘vendetta’, but not only of the Chamber of Deputies of the politicians: tengo denunciations of defamation of Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni, Lideres de la derecha de Italia. And the vengeance of being able to say ‘how much more did he desire to have me resist and say hello.’ How to decide in ‘Papillon’ the protagonist to escape from the island of Diablo: ‘¡Malditos bastardos, todavía estoy vivo!’“.

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‘Todavía estoy vivo’

Roberto Saviano and Asaf Hanuka

Translation: Carlos Mayor

Editorial: Reservoir Books

152 pages. 19.90 euros


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