Roberto Leal, ‘The paper house’, ‘Public mirror’ and ‘Masterchef’, Here TV 2021 awards

The fifth edition of the National Awards Here TV they already have winners. Roberto Leal, which this Wednesday rose with an Ondas in the television category, has been awarded as the best presenter for his work in front of ‘Pass word’. For its part, Sonsoles Ónega It has also been recognized with the award for best presenter for the current space ‘It’s already noon’.

Carlos Areces placeholder image wins the Best Actor category for his role in ‘The village’, which has just premiered its second season on Telecinco after passing through Amazon Prime Video. Michelle Jenner takes the award for Best Actress for ‘The Cook of Castamar’, broadcast on Antena 3 and available on Atresplayer Premium. ‘The Money Heist’ has been chosen as the Best Platform Series, while ‘Public mirror’ is proclaimed as the Best Magazine and ‘Masterchef’ as the Best Talent Show.

The Here TV Awards gala will be held tomorrow, Friday, October 22, at the Mas Camarena Resort in the Valencian municipality of Bétera. During the ceremony, tribute will be paid to the actress, presenter and singer-songwriter Raffaella Carrà, died last July at the age of 78.

All the winners

best Actor: Carlos Areces (The People)

Best actress: Michelle Jenner (La cocinera de Castamar)

Best daily news: Informational Telecinco 21 Hours / Antena Noticias 2 (ex aequo)

Best weekend informative: Antena 3 News

Best collaborator: Lydia Lozano (Save me)

Best contest: Pasapalabra (Antenna 3)

Best presenter: Roberto Leal (Antenna 3)

Best presenter: Sonsoles Ónega (Telecinco)

Best series: The one that is coming (Telecinco)

Mejor talent show: Masterchef (TVE)

Best entertainment program: Journey to the center of television (TVE)

Best current affairs program: It’s already noon (Telecinco)

Better late night: The resistance (Movistar +)

Best team of reporters: Spain direct (TVE)

Best magazine: Public mirror (Antenna 3)

Best Platform Series: The Paper House (Netflix)

Best platform format: Drag Race España (Atresplayer Premium)

Best children’s program: The house of challenges (Boing)

Best Turkish Series: Female (Antenna 3)

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Best regional television program: The Bertín show (Canal Sur) / In Company (CMM)

Best À Punt program: Zoom

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