Roberto Leal responds to criticism for “favoritism” in the rosco of ‘Pasapalabra’: “The level is the same”

Despite sweeping Antena 3 every afternoon and receiving applause from viewers, ‘Pass word’ He also has to face certain criticisms on social media related to his star test from time to time. Some people are convinced that one of the donuts is more complicated than the other, some accusations on which Roberto Leal himself has pronounced.

The Antena 3 presenter wanted to make it clear on his Twitter account that those responsible for the contest, in which Orestes Barbero and Jaime Conde are currently facing each other, have no interest in favoring one applicant over the other. It has done in response to a user who was reflecting on this possibility.

“On Facebook there are people who want the two contestants to have the same questions and with headphones. They believe that there is favoritism and that one contestant’s donut is easy and the other’s very difficult. I have already told you that both are even and with their three or four difficult “, commented the Internet user.

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This message reached Roberto Leal, who responded in this way: “Imagine if that were done how boring it would be for all of you because you would already know the answers and it would be repetitive”. “The key to this contest is that you also play from home,” recalled the host of ‘Pasapalabra’.

On the other hand, he assured that “the perception of the level of the donuts is in the cultural heritage of each one and in how well you like one or the other”. “It is always often thought that the donut you like less is easier,” admitted Leal, who ended his message by recalling that, in 21 years of format, the level “is always the same.”

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