Robert L. Bowles Nature Center offering a lot this spring


Signs of spring are everywhere, especially at the Robert L. Bowles Nature Center in the Township of Ramara, as many animals make their return to the area.

“We’re in awe every time we see something, and we treat it as a gift … whether it’s a pileated woodpecker or a chipmunk or a fox, whatever it is, it’s such a gift,” said June Crinnion, Robert L Bowles Nature Center owner.

First to return are the birds, including swans. There are also turtles in their wetlands and signs of bears and even moose at the center.

“It was probably two or three weeks ago when we first started noticing bluebirds. We have a number of bluebird boxes throughout the nature centre, so that was kind of our first indication,” Crinnion said.

“Then, the geese and then we have Sandhill cranes that come to the pond, and we have swans also that visit the pond.”

People are reminded to respect these creatures and stay out of their way.

“If you see a family of foxes or raccoons or whatever, just leave them alone they don’t need your food, and you can observe them with your cameras. You can get excited and all of that, but keep your distance,” Crinnion said.

“These animals have been doing this for hundreds of years, and it’s us that have intruded on their homes.”

This Sunday, the center hosts a workshop led by naturalist Bob Bowles.

“He calls it Winter Dendrology. It’s the study of trees and shrubs, and we’re going to repeat that two weeks later on April 24,” Crinnion said.

Winter Dendrology takes place Sunday from 1-3 pm and costs $40. More information can be found on the centre’s website.

Robert L. Bowles Nature Center offers several other activities, including snowshoeing in the winter, hiking, bush breathing and environmental classes.

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