Rivers of lava flow down the slope after the La Palma volcano erupts

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A volcanic eruption began this afternoon, around 3.10 pm, in the Cabeza de Vaca area, in the municipality of El Paso, on La Palma, just when the seismic activity on the island had reached the maximum since the beginning of the swarm already a week ago. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has been displaced

The eruption has begun in the area where experts agreed that it could start and for now there are two eruptive mouths that are expelling lava flows and pyroclasts. Also, some 300 population from the El Paraíso area have already been evacuated and no homes have been affected.

David calvo, a geologist at the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan), has explained in statements to Canary TV that what is called a ‘strombolian eruption’ is now taking place, a phase in which lava flows and pyroclasts are emitted that are reminiscent of the images seen in the Teneguía eruption, 50 years ago.

Calvo added that from now on you have to keep working on the ground, try to quickly estimate the volume of lava that is being emitted, continue with the investigation and provide all kinds of data to the authorities to help manage this emergency.

The geologist has pointed out that this scenario is not very different from the one they have already worked on in other eruptions around the world, and insisted that now it is time to see how the eruption develops. In this sense, he commented that it does not seem like a very explosive eruption and it seems that the lava comes out quite easily.

About how long this rash will last, David calvo acknowledges that it is “totally unpredictable” until the first estimates of the energies that are being released through the fissures are had and it is somewhat clear what eruptive dynamics this new eruption is taking in the Archipelago.

Likewise, it has clarified that the opening of several eruptive mouths is common in volcanism in Canary Islands, as it has already been seen in many other eruptions in the past. In this sense, he stressed that it will be necessary to see if it finally concentrates in a single point or one more mouth appears, but always linked, for now, with the fracture in which the eruption has occurred.


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