Rigoberta Bandini carries Chanel in the second semi-final of the Benidorm Fest

  • After the scare-death of Tanxugueiras, the other big favorite, Paula Ribó with ‘Ay mama’, gave her competitors no chance and entered the Benidorm Fest final through the big door. Chanel is waiting for you there, the new Eurovision ‘fan diva’

They will remember the fright-death of first semifinal: the strange, incomprehensible voice of the professional jury on Saturday left the big favorites of the evening, Tanxugueiras and his earthly covenant ‘Terra’ out of the grand final. There was’ tongo ‘shouting among the public and, under the shadow of the eurodrama, it had to be the voice of the so-called’ demographic jury & rdquor; and that of the popular one who brought the Galician trio back to the place that, by common sense and artistic mind, matches them. the second semifinalon the other hand, ran on track this Thursday for the other big favorite to represent RTVE in the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Nobody coughed, not even close, to Rigoberta Bandini and his empowering euro dance song ‘Ag ma’, because it swept without discussion in two of the three typologies of voting. At the moment, and except for an unlikely surprise, it seems that the trip to Turin, the home of the festival, is just within the reach of two: Chanelformidable hit the first night with the glowing European ‘SloMo’, and of course the untouchable Rigoberta Bandiniwho after his tremendous passing today in Benidorm apparently plays in another league. And Tanxugueiras? All indications are that, despite his disruptive stage proposal and his inclusive lyrics in Galician, his cards are marked as the five arcana of the tarot, and his fate, unfortunately, has already been written.

fan divas

We say that it was written because Wednesday’s jury is the same as Saturday’s, when the winner of the Benidorm Fest will be decided and thus the representative of RTVE in Turin: Natalia Calderón, Miryam Benedited, Estefanía García, Marvin Dietmann and Felix Bergsson, experts from different disciplines of the music world (Dietmann was artistic director of the Eurovision Blas Cantó, penultimate in Rotterdam-2020) that they should vote with 12, 10, 8, 7, 6 and 5 points for the performances taking into account their global concept, i.e., performance, choreography, vocal technique, etc. In the final sum, Tanxugueiras it took 38 points, just ahead of Unique Testimonials’ 28. It was the votes of the public that allowed them to climb to second place with 93 points, behind the unreachable 110 of Chanel, Eurovision heir of the sounding ways of other big ‘fan-divas’ like Helena Paparizou, Ani Lorak or Eleni Foureira.

Looking ahead to the big final on Saturday, there is nothing to suggest that the professional jury will change its mind about ‘Terra’ and Tanxugueiras: the teacher did not like what he saw in the first exam and, as the second more will be of the same, just for that reason already starting with a disadvantage regarding Chanel or Rigoberta Bandini, yes, real eyes of a jury that, without a joke, represents 50% of the total votes. However, the unexpectedly low blow for Tanxugueiras’ options should not be the second semifinal lived tonight at the Palau L’Illa in Benidorm, alive and varied in style, from Javiera Mena to Rayden, from Rigoberta Bandini to Sara Diop. There was of course no color, as Paula Ribó and her group made it clear that there is no other song at the Benidorm Fest like ‘Ay mama’, with their justification of motherhood, and the breastsin a terrible europop key.

some technical problem

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The gala, fast, sober and effective as the one Wednesday, on the other hand, had a small technical problem just before the performances of Javiera Mena and Rayden, though without major consequences. This time, the guests to kill time were the group Niña Polaca and the singer Ruth Lorenzo, a participant in Eurovision-2014, who presented a hypo-hurricane version of the classic ‘Bailar pegados’ by Sergio Dalma, which culminated by the fans with the shout. , in chorus, of “Long live Eurovision! & rdquor ;. Well that.

The voices did not have much history this time. The professional jury interviewed gave 56 votes to Rigoberta Bandini, which on this occasion confirms the predictions that it considered a great favorite. The voice of the demographic jury left the Catalan artist in second place, but the voice of the popular jury gave a thumbs up and propelled her to an indisputable, almost insulting, leadership with 111 votes, for the 90 of Rayden (‘Calle de la llorería’), 81 by Xeinn (‘Eco’) and 76 from the restricted by Covid Gonzalo Hermida (‘Who Will Say It’), the four qualified for the grand final on Saturday. Chanel is waiting for her in there, with her 110 points. Cloth dressed.


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