RightForge to host Trump’s new social network

RightForge, an Internet infrastructure company related to the conservatives, will host the new social network of the former president of USA, Donald Trump, announced its executive director, Martin Avila.

Speaking to the online news site Axios, Avila said she hopes that Trump’s new social network, Truth Social, has more than 75 million users, which is why the website hosting company has been “laying the groundwork for it.”

“That’s why there will be servers everywhere,” Avila said in the Axios interview published Tuesday.

Trump was excluded from Twitter and Facebook following the January 6 attack by his followers against the Capitol, and the CEO of RightForge felt that the former president should not be silenced.

“If you think that the president should be excluded from the platforms, we believe that you are not really interested in living in a free country,” Avila said.

“And that’s really what it’s all about, making sure the United States stays true to its core ideas and that the market for ideas stays open,” he added.

Avila said RightForge began building a global network after Trump was kicked out of social media and Amazon He disconnected the platform from right Parler.

Trump announced last week his plans to launch Truth Social, in an attempt to regain its influence on the Internet.

The move further fueled speculation that the real estate mogul is preparing for another presidential race in 2024.

In a statement Tuesday, the former president said that Trump Media & Technology GroupIn addition to Truth Social and a video-on-demand streaming service, it “sees opportunities” in other key areas ranging from web services to payment processing.

The video streaming service will compete with the increasingly “politicized” programming of “the Big Tech and the players of the Big Media“, dijo Trump.

“We have seen a sitting US president effectively silenced by a small oligarchy of tech titans and ‘dominant’ media corporations,” he said.

I am determined to break his hold on the voices of the American people, not just for me and my supporters, but for the entire United States! “

Facebook banned Trump indefinitely on January 7, a day after his supporters attacked the Capitol to try to prevent the certification of the election victory of Joe Bidenbut later reduced his suspension to two years.

Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account, which had more than 88 million followers at the time, due to the “risk of further incitement to violence.”


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