Ride your Oktoberfest: route through the best craft breweries in Barcelona

Oktoberfest has been canceled. This year you will not be able to take off the Bavarian costume, but your beer appetite is still intact, more rabid than ever, wanting to party and hops. In Barcelona, ​​the city of infinite beer, You can have your own Oktoberfest jumping from brewery to brewery for days. That is why we have elaborated a list with some of the most reliable houses. They are not all that they are, fortunately in this city there are plenty of beer temples, but with this list you will have more than enough to surf some of the best local and international beers. Forget the first sentence of the introduction: take the Bavarian costume, put it on and start the route of the two foam fingers. Oktober … what?

Neighborhood birra

Poblenou beerL’Alternativa (Pallars, 294) is more like a neighborhood bar than a ‘craft beer bar’, and therein lies one of its attractions: in this sanctuary in Poblenou there is no trace of gentrification. The brothers Miquel and Jordi Pijoan are in charge of selecting the Catalan and international craft beers that flow from their eight taps (they have another one from Pilsner Urquell). They change them regularly. In addition, in this brick trench you drink and live to the rhythm of the Stooges: more places like this, please.

In the same neighborhood, mandatory to visit Our Everyday Beer (Llull, 184), a craft brewery with more gallons (and references) than General Patton: it is, by far, the brewing mecca of Poblenou, and you have to stop by, if only to kneel down in front of its spiked, bottled beers. or canned.

Colossal reeds

Between ‘edges’ and ‘flutes’

The cane is an art. Very few places in Barcelona respect this maxim. Fortunately, in The Glass of Gold (Balboa, 6) not only respect it, but take it as a religion for eons. The uniformed waiters caress the taps, let the glass rest, perform a delicate choreography so that the Fort beer, made by and for the house, comes out creamy, appetizing, balanced. The culture of the cane raised to its maximum expression. You can opt for a ‘flute’ -classic elongated glass- or for a ‘filo’, a stylized and longer glass that they claim to have invented. The experience is more religious than the Enrique Iglesias song, especially if you accompany it with the legendary sirloin with ‘foie’ of the house.

More than a ‘brewpub’

Dream Factory

An ocean liner for craft beer with ambitions akin to its size, as it has its own factory, a magnificent grill restaurant, a specialty cafeteria, a ‘dj’ booth and whatever you ask for that mouthful. Easy to get used to The Textile (Casp, 33). The space, although gigantic, is extremely cozy – the bar and raised wooden table have a lot to say – and it never deviates from its essence: home-made craft beer. 18 taps preside over the bar, advise the confused customer and have a ‘hazy IPA’ that drives me crazy: cloudy, aromatic and loaded with sensations. Having their own factory allows them to explore, try new things and keep the pricked beer board alive and changing. The ‘brewpub’ of your dreams.

Stellar selection

Happiness taps

Big words. Lovers of craft beer revere this internationally recognized sanctuary. Biercab (Muntaner, 55) is one of the best breweries in Barcelona and in the world. They say that it is the place where the professionals of the guild drink, the legend will have to be believed, because of its 30 taps only flows a learned and exquisite selection of national and foreign beers that go from Berlin to Pamplona, ​​passing through Portland. An overwhelming offer (essential to be advised) that you can consult on a screen. There is no lack of sustenance menu, with tapas, sandwiches, ‘snacks’ and surprises such as grilled ‘wagyu’. And they add to the ‘pack’ a shop, right next to the bar, where you can buy bottles and cans for ‘connaisseurs’.

The rhythm of the garage

Beer empire

One of the strongest teams in the Barcelona craft beer league. Since 2015, Garage Beer Co del ‘Beerxample’ (Consell de Cent, 261) is one of the benchmark brewpubs, both for connoisseurs and for simple fans of the ‘craft’ universe. They have 12 taps with home-made craft beer and occasionally invited firms. They have grown so much and produce such amazing beers that they have a mother factory for coarse production (the range of beers and varieties is endless) and they can afford the luxury of using the Eixample factory for experimental beers with wild yeast. By the way, they have another brewpub in Poblenou (and Calvell, 45), with 19 shooters and artisan pizzas: music to my ears.

The main 40

Foam in Poble Sec

Abirradero (Vilà i Vilà, 77) is a cathedral built in honor of the artisan beer of its own manufacture. It is linked to the Institute of Craft Beer and I count about 40 shooters, although not all are operational. I look at the list of ‘craft beers’ from his factory on a screen and I get lost, but the ‘bartender’ takes pity on me, asks me about my appetites and lets me try three varieties until he hits the spot with an ‘IPA’ intoxicating and sweet. In Abirradero they feed mainly on their own artisan beers, the fuel of a business that they live with passion and decorate with a generous menu of tapas and hamburgers to cushion the euphoric effects of their manna. The Apolo room is two minutes away, in case the body asks for salsa.

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The foam of the days

‘Born to beer wild’

Familiar, relaxed, with views and micro-terrace in the peaceful (and beautiful) street of Basses de Sant Pere (at number 10), in the depths of La Ribera & mldr; Ale & Hop it is a very special brewery. Its 10 shooters gently expel into the atmosphere an excellent rotating selection of foreign and ‘terra’ craft beers; let Juan, the friendly manager, advise you. On the board they advertise tofu sandwiches with curried vegetables and squid in their ink. And I know I’ll be home late today.

All for the pasta

Beer & ‘bucatini’

The perfect fusion between Italian restaurant and craft brewery. If you want to escape the tumult of the macrobreweries and your stomach is not for nachos, in The Birrino (Alí Bei, 123) will greet you with four taps (‘pilsner’, ‘IPA’, ‘APA’, ‘sour’), ​​a fine selection of local and foreign craft beer, and pasta dishes to a closed ovation. The father of the invention is Emanuele de Angelis, a connoisseur of artisan beer and a stratospheric cook, especially gifted with pasta (spaghetti with vodka cooked in a parmesan bowl, please) and Italian stews.

Look for Il Birrino, se halla La Bona Pinta (Diputació, 433), a neighborhood craft brewery that exudes honesty and quality. In the accounts I have nine shooters and I admire the selection of English, Catalan German, Belgian & mldr; Great little temple.

Sant Antoni ‘brew’

Alex’s dream

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Sant Antoni’s beer benchmark, Alex Lazarowicz’s dream (a Belgian beer lover) come true. Barna Brew (Parlament, 45) is a cozy and recycled space that manufactures its own nationally and internationally awarded craft beers of enormous quality. Belgian inspiration and Catalan heart. Eight taps in the bar, factory at the back of the premises and a lot of own canned production. If you go for it all, sniff their food menu, with dishes as tempting as the hummus with a touch of beer or the pastrami sandwich.


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