Ricardo Monreal regrets non-compliance with agreements in the ratification of the appointment made by AMLO

Ricardo Monreal He was very direct, with a hint.

“The word is more important than what you write; if we do not honor the word poor politician and poor politician who does not preserve it and does not support it,” said the coordinator of the Morena parliamentary group, the majority political force and therefore president of the Political Coordination Board (JCP) of the Chamber of Senators.

Also from the rostrum, Dante Delgado had just revealed that the parliamentary group of Citizen Movement (MC), which it coordinates, voted against the ratification of the appointment of Sergio Benito Osorio Romero as an independent member of the Technical Committee of the Mexican Petroleum Fund for Stabilization and Development in response to recent statements by Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, against the opposition deputies who with their votes managed to scrap the electricity reform proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“We had the intention of approving the appointment of the directors, we approved of the prestige of one of them, but faced with the string of nonsense, the verbal incontinence, the lack of spirit and talent of Mario Slim… (by offending) our fellow deputies…”, he argued, they decided not to approve the appointment.

In fact, the entire so-called containment block, made up of the PAN, PRI, PRD and the emecistasvoted against the aforementioned appointment made by López Obrador.

Monreal Ávila lamented, at the beginning of his speech, the breach of “other agreements”, referring to the ratification of appointments.

And he blamed PAN and PRI members for not having ceded one of their seats in the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union to the PRD, which was left out of the legislative body that functions during the recess period.

Morena, he explained, gave a space to the PES

“Why didn’t the PAN give one of its allies a seat? Or why did the PRI not share a seat with the PRD? Because he has always walked with you as your ally, “he questioned to the applause of his co-religionists and legislative allies.

The containment block, the Zacatecano crushed, “betrayed the PRD“.

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