Revival of the aerospace industry continues

Querétaro, Qro. The state’s aerospace industry closes the year with optimism, after the challenging 2020 and considering that 2021 was encouraging in the recovery process.

The director of the Aeroclúster de Querétaro, José Antonio Velázquez Solís, highlighted that the industry concludes the year with a “beating drum”, but with a more structured reactivation than the ravages left by 2020.

The recovery of this industry at the local level has been driven by the aspect of aircraft maintenance and repair (MRO), while manufacturing has not had the same pace.

Small and medium-sized companies have begun to receive requests and requests for quotes, which is a good sign for the recovery of the industry.

During 2021, the cluster registered visits from companies that are in search of suppliers, phenomena that did not appear in 2020 when activity decreased.

In terms of turnover, there is confidence to end 2021 with more satisfactory figures than those reported in the first year of the pandemic. Although there is optimism, the year will still end with a reduction in billing levels, considering the disruption that exists in supply demand.

The billing that is achieved will be driven mainly by MRO services, but the manufacturing side also contributes.

“It is also alienated in the area of ​​maintenance and repair, but also in manufacturing, although the impact was already significant in terms of turnover, we hope to close with figures a little more promising than what we saw in 2020 (…) We do expect a reduction evidently due to the disruption in supply demand ”, José Antonio Velázquez explained.

Prior to the health contingency, both the national and local industry maintained a double-digit growth rate, an average of 15% per year; performance that was interrupted due to the setbacks brought by the pandemic.

The state was also characterized by being one of the main foreign investment tractors of the aerospace industry, and around the pandemic, the cluster had one of the periods of greatest membership adherence, both in 2020 and 2021.

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