Review the return policies for Christmas gifts

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times for children and adults due to the holidays, the meals, but especially the gifts. During these days when it is common to receive or give a gift to loved ones, it may be that you realize that the item in question was not what you expected, it is not of your size or, it has some damage, in those cases you can request a return at the store where you purchased it.

Although all consumers have the right to the return policy, which is contained in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, it will depend a lot on the product purchased as well as the establishment to know how this policy proceeds, since each store has its processes and protocols to do so.

Currently there are thousands of reasons why buyers decide to return items: either because the customer changed his mind, it was not what he was looking for, the model or size is incorrect, the product arrived in poor condition or with violated warranties.

When buying any item, as well as factors such as the guarantee or price, the return policies and protocols that stores and establishments have should also be reviewed, especially if it is purchased online, said Pablo Yáñez, country manager by Beetrack.

According to the Study on Online Sales in Electronics 2021 prepared by the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), 30% of digital buyers declared having made a return; Among the main reasons why they did so are that the product was damaged, it was a different item from the one ordered, it was not of the expected quality, the product did not resemble the one in the advertisement, the product was used and that it simply did not they like me.

Terms and Conditions

According to the executive, the return policies must come on the store’s website, they usually come at the bottom or in a specific tab with the title of returns, privacy policies or terms and conditions.

“Nowadays, thanks to the exponential growth of e-commerce, companies have been more responsible and clearly state their return policies so that when the user makes the claim, no confusion is generated,” he said in a telephone interview.

These policies must explain how they apply in the event that the buyer decides to return the item in question, they must specify the deadline for making the request, the conditions for the refund to be made, as well as the way to do it: if it is necessary to go to the store, send an email or call your customer service center.

From stores to stores

Every store is different and that also applies to their return policies. According to the expert, there are different types of returns: there are companies that return 100% of the amount, others that return only a percentage, while some only return shipping costs and also compensation.

Another factor that also comes into play for the return is the type of product, since the return in the case of clothing or footwear is not the same as that of household appliances, which have a guarantee in case of any damage or damage.

Additionally, some companies put some restrictions or conditions for the return to proceed, such as the product being in good condition; with its accessories, manuals and complete labels; and in the case of devices such as tablets, cell phones and computers free of any password or key.

“You have to review the return policies, there are certain products that if the customer opens it no longer applies. For this reason, it is important to review what the store says and see what it can do or not do to apply the return of the product, “he said.

Another point is the procedure to do it. In some stores they can request it electronically, while in others it is necessary to first call their customer service center or go directly to the physical store closest to the home.

Return time

Time is of the essence. In many cases, stores only give seven days to make the change, once the purchase is received, while others offer up to 90 days, although the average term is usually 30 days.

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