The results of this report confirm that the measures adopted by the Government allowed the 1,000 largest companies to maintain their level of solvency”.

Billy Escobar, Superintendent of Corporations

The Superintendency of Companies presented the annual report of the 1,000 largest companies in Colombia, according to their financial performance. The study found that the revenue of the largest companies increased, from $697 billion (173.706 million dollars) in 2020 to $908 billion (226.292 million dollars) last year, which represents a variation of 30.3 percent.

Likewise, the assets of the first 1,000 in the ranking exceed the Gross Domestic Product of 2021 by $127 billion (30,960 million dollars), with a total of $1,304 billion. Another reading is that total operating income is equivalent to 77% of GDP, while profits achieved last year were 8% of GDP.

Additionally, and with a positive outlook for the business sector, reported losses fell, going from $15.2 billion (3,705 million dollars) in 2020 to $9.8 billion (2,389 million dollars) last year, and only 120 companies registered them. While net profits doubled, totaling $98 billion (23,890 million dollars), with a growth of 115.1 percent.

The companies Ecopetrol, EPM and Terpel were once again, in that same order, the first three largest companies in Colombia. Together, they managed to add more than $140 billion in operating income during fiscal year 2021.

“Government support measures, within the framework of the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, allowed the largest companies to maintain the level of solvency and leverage between 2020 and 2021,” indicates the entity’s report, which highlights historical figures and new moves.

Now, only the 50 largest companies accumulate 41% of total revenue, equivalent to $375 billion (91,418 million dollars), with an increase of 32.9% compared to 2020 data.

In Bogotá – Cundinamarca, 533 companies are domiciled, these contribute 63.5% of the total operating income. In Antioquia, 186 companies are domiciled, contributing 16.2% of income. While the assets of the organizations in these areas total $1,088 billion (265,236 million dollars) and their equity $581 billion (141,638 million dollars). In the top 10 of the largest companies, it is evident that there is only one new one. This is Drummond.

With a record figure, Ecopetrol was once again at the top of the list of the best-selling companies in the country in 2021. It did so with a growth in its revenues of 83.39%, which totaled US22,928 million billings in 2021.


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