Restigouche community rallies behind employees laid off by Hexo

The mayors of Atholville, Campbellton and Tide Head met with Hexo plant management on Thursday to learn more about the future of current employees and the measures put in place to help laid-off workers. .

It was a very good meeting, with a lot of transparency, I think it’s not easy for them too. One hundred and forty-two employees who leave, they want to give as much supervision as possiblesaid the mayor of Atholville Jean-Guy Levesque.

This highlights the collaboration between the plant and the three municipalities for various possible initiatives, such as a career fair or a partnership with Work NB, to help the many workers who lost their jobs overnight.

We want to work with Hexo to make sure that these families, these men and women are well, that there is something for them at the end of the day. »

A quote from Ian Comeau, Mayor of Campbellton

Hexo on Wednesday confirmed the layoff of 142 employees in a bid to cut operating expenses, in the face of overproduction of the product that is not finding takers.

The factory now employs 108 people, it had about 400 workers in 2018.

Local businesses to the rescue

Dany Roy, co-owner of VC Rénovations DKI, finds it deplorable that 142 people have lost their jobs in a a small, tightly woven region like Restigouche.

Hours after the layoffs were announced, he posted a message on Facebook urging people to consider employment with his company because he always need employees.

Dany Roy, co-owner of VC Rénovations DKI in Campbellton.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Serge Bouchard

I thought about sending a message and what I saw there are a lot of other companies that have done the same thing which is good for those 142 people out there who can find something else as fast as possiblehe said.

And it didn’t take long for the phone to ring at his company specializing in construction and renovation.

We had reactions immediately, we had calls, we did interviews, we have some who start working for us on Monday, I would say I will have between 7 and 10 employees who will start on Monday, not all of us Hexo, but among other things, it created a craze for the people of the Restigouche populationexplains Dany Roy.

He hopes he can help some people maintain stability because they won’t have to move to find another job.

The Atholville area has developed a lot around this important cannabis production plant. Along with the AV Cell factory, it was the largest employer in the region.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Serge Bouchard

The mayor of Campbellton has also seen several companies appealing to Hexo workers on social media and is pleased to see the community rallying behind them.

It was touching to see that the business community reacted immediately to respond to this negative announcement.he says.

What future for Hexo in Atholville?

The mayor of Athoville remains confident, but is cautiously optimistic.

There’s a lot of strangers, they’re very honest with ithe says, adding that the management of the plant specifies that the employees are doing a remarkable job and a quality product.

Cannabis producer Hexo now has 108 employees in Atholville, the factory employed around 400 workers in 2018.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Serge Bouchard

They will decrease the amount of production, but they are very optimistic that the factory will remain in placeadds Mayor Jean-Guy Levesque.

Even if the management of the plant in Atholville is optimistic about its future, the mayor specifies that shareholder decisions could thwart the plans. In the meantime, he assures that the municipality offers its collaboration to help the company and the workers.

The future, we will know in the coming monthssaid the mayor.

Based on information from Serge Bouchard

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