Resolution of the European Parliament does not see the complete reality of Mexico: Senator Vasconcelos

After the approval of the resolution of the European Parliament which asks the Mexican government to ensure the protection of human rights defenders and journalists, the senator for Morena, Héctor Vasconcelos, stressed that the document is not seeing the full reality of Mexico.

Also president of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee He recalled that there is not a single journalist in Mexico who has been detained for the expression of his ideas and stressed that since the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began there has not been a detainee or political prisoner.

Today no one from the government sanctions a journalist for their opinions, that is a fact that I will defend in any forum in the world. I hope I have the opportunity to do so in the European Parliament. My perception of that document is that they are not seeing the complete reality of Mexico”, he declared in an interview.

He considered that the claims of the MEPs should be directed at organized crime in Mexico “because it is organized crime responsible for the vast majority of the murders of journalists who have tried to investigate the mechanisms of action of organized crime and as a consequence it is organized crime. who has silenced them, sometimes with death, but never the government of Mexico.

“One thing is that illegitimate resources have been taken from certain communicators and another thing is that there is a persecution of journalists,” he added.

He stressed that it is very important to divulge the reality of Mexico so that a more balanced vision can be had.

“The Senate has an important role to play and maintain contact with all the EU ambassadors in Mexico and let them know and feel what is happening in Mexico, which I think is very profound. We have to clarify, disclose the reforms that have been made in Mexico that I am sure are approved by the European Union regarding making large companies pay taxes, the fight against corruption or the extreme austerity of the current government”, he said. .

Last Thursday, the European Chamber stressed that “Mexico has long been the most dangerous and deadly place for journalists outside of a war zone”, and considers that the country has an endemic problem in investigating these crimes, since the 95% go unpunished.

It also points to López Obrador for using “his rhetoric to denigrate and intimidate journalists, media owners and activists.”


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