Resignations of nurses at Roberval hospital: elected officials are looking for a remedy

The situation is still alarming at Roberval hospital, following the departure of eight nurses in just a few days. The elected representatives of the sector are worried and demand lasting solutions.

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The resignation of eight nurses in a few days at the Roberval hospital is also causing concern among the population. “It’s a bit worrying for local services. I am a father of three children, it is not practical to always go outside if the surgical unit is ever closed, ”said a resident of Roberval.

“It’s still worrying, I think. There are not a lot of staff already. So [huit] people who leave at the same time is a lot ”, also declared a lady questioned by TVA Nouvelles.

“It worries me about patients and people’s health. The nurses are out of breath, ”explained a citizen.

Graduating nurses will come to help the teams. But this solution does not solve the problem in the long term and elected officials are wondering. “It is certain that for the emergency services, or for the fourth wave, we want to know how to act and reassure the population,” explained the mayor of Roberval, Sabin Côté.

For the member for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, the government must act quickly: “I call on the regional minister, the local member and Minister Christian Dubé to find solutions which will not be fair in the long term,” he said. .

The CIUSSS is continuing its reflection and is not ruling out the possibility of temporarily closing other services, as has been the case for intensive care since the end of last week.


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