Sea rescue has rescued this Sunday 11 immigrants who were traveling aboard a boat in the waters of the island of Ibiza. Specifically, the people who were traveling aboard a small boat, among whom there are four or five minors, have been evacuated at 12:25 p.m. in the area of ses Figueretesas reported by the Government Delegation in the Balearic Islands.

All the occupants of the boat, confirm official sources, are mens and are in apparent good health. The boat of Customs Surveillance has located the boat a mile and a half from the beach of ses Figueretes and has given notice to Salvamento MarĂ­timo. From there they have taken the boat to the port of Vila. Once on land, the National Police has taken care of immigrants.

Second boat in 12 hours

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is the second boat that arrives in the Balearic Islands on this May 1. At dawn, at 1:10 a.m., another boat with seven men on board has been located in the waters of Majorca.

Since last February, boats have not arrived at the Pitiusas. The last one was on February 11. Then two boats arrived in Formentera with 22 migrants in total on board. So far this year, Ibiza and Formentera have received 91 migrants who have arrived on the islands in eight small boats, five to Formentera and three to Ibiza.

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