POLITICS. McConnell is the Republican minority leader in the Senate. | Photo: EFE.

Republican senators prepared to block a bill on Monday that will fund the government, provide millions of dollars in hurricane emergency aid and prevent a default on US debt. Thus the party renewed its campaign to undermine President Joe Biden’s broad economic agenda.

The context: The expected opposition from the Republican Party will deal a blow to the legislation, which had been approved by the House of Representatives last week; and threatens to increase pressure on Democrats to figure out their own way forward before a series of tax deadlines to expire.

  • Failure to address the issue could cause a serious financial crisis, the White House warned. The Biden administration warned that the United States could plunge into another recession.
  • Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell bet on his party’s opposition: Republicans are not willing to vote today for any measure that increases or suspends the debt ceiling.
  • Republicans believe that raising the borrowing cap, which allows the country to pay its bills, would allow Democrats to spend billions on additional spending and other policy changes they do not support.

What do they say? “If they want to tax, borrow, and spend historic amounts of money without our involvement, they will have to raise the debt limit without our help. This is the reality. I’ve been saying it very clearly since July, ”McConnell said last week.

  • Democrats have rejected that reasoning: They point to the fact that the country’s debts predate the current debate.
  • They argue that some of the bills, including a roughly $ 900 billion coronavirus stimulus package adopted in December, had been piled up on a bipartisan basis.
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Main source of the news: The Washington Post.


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