Renfe strike: what days, trains canceled and what are the minimum services

Strike on Renfe trains. The Spanish Union of Train Machinists and Railway Helpers (SEMAF) has called a strike that will affect 892 high speed and long and medium distance trains for eight days.

The strike will begin this Thursday September 30th and it will be extended for seven more days in October: Friday 1, Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Thursday 7, Friday 8, Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, a national holiday throughout Spain.

Thus, the Renfe strike will affect the Pilar bridge, which will start on Friday the 8th and will last until Tuesday the 12th, since in several autonomous communities Monday is not working.

Minimal service

Given this, the Ministry of Transport has decreed some minimum services that will be mandatory and that will vary depending on the city and timetables.

  • Surroundings: 100% in rush hour and 75% in the rest of the day.
  • Middle distance: 65% of the usual services.
  • AVE and Long Distance: 72%
  • Freight trains: 24% of the usual service.

Of the 1,786 medium-distance trains affected by the mobilizations during the first four days, 1,161 will circulate in minimum services.

Of the 970 trains AVE and High Speed ​​train affected by the strike, 703 will circulate, 72%, and in merchandise, of the 1,063 affected, 250 will do so, 24%.

Is my train affected?

If you want to know if your train is affected by the Renfe strike you should refer to this PDF.

From page 33 the list of trains that have been canceled appears, for days.

Can I have my money back?

Passengers affected by suppressed AVE / Long Distance and Medium Distance trains will be offered, whenever possible, ride another train at the closest time to the one purchased.

If you do not want to make the trip, you can cancel or change for another date the ticket without any cost.

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