Renard du Vieux-Port: the rescue operation forced to a halt

The Old Port fox saga saw a new development on Tuesday as wildlife officers forced Animal Rescue teams to halt their operation.

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“On our side, we consider that the animal lives in a living environment that is really not suitable. It’s very unsanitary. It’s very dangerous for the animal,” explains Éric Dussault of Animal Rescue.

“On the wildlife side, we say that if the animal is not sick, injured or orphaned, we must stop all rescue attempts and leave it in its unsanitary burrow,” he adds.

Animal Rescue teams have been trying to capture the beast for five days now. Their attempts have so far been unsuccessful.

On Monday, the company discovered a den where the fox was probably taking refuge.

“We are being forced to forfeit. We would really like it to continue and ensure that the fox can have a better life in a much more pleasant place for him, ”says Mr. Dussault.

According to the latter, the protection of wildlife “admitted” that the animal is in a “difficult situation”, but that the law “does not allow us to capture it”.

Despite everything, Animal Rescue cooperates with wildlife officers and shuts down its operations. Mr. Dussault still fears that the melting ice could eventually cost the life of the fox.

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